Climate Variables: Creating a Motivating Environment

Our friends, Pientha, Synta and Fredy, was covered today’s topic. It was about climate variables in classroom to create a motivating environment. The way this group taught us was so fun. I could remember the games; matching passages, the way we sit they arranged, and choki choki ☺. It did motivate me to learn, not to fall a sleep in class, and was far away from boring. I like matching passages since the other lecturer often gave this activity to me. It was fun and meaningful and of course challenging.

Creating a motivating classroom is very important for a teacher. This topic about order in teaching and safety in learning, developing learner’s self-efficacy, challenging task, task comprehension and TARGET were influence the way I think about teaching. I got the new thing, which is what the challenging task really is. I got this part in reading so they asked me to master it. It was very useful. Challenging task does not have to be hard, it only need critical thinking, assess students’ creativity and relevance to students.

Self-efficacy and academic task were not new in my course. I have read plenty about this. My prior knowledge was really help to understand this topic. For instance, I knew that teacher should help students to achieve their goals, but from this lecture I know that when we have students’ who have high goals to achieve, we do not have to decrease their goals. We, as their teacher, have to support them by showing them in which part they shine brightly. By the end, they will have a good self-efficacy to show the world how good they are.