The most interesting of this week’s meeting is there is no Ms Mima as usual to give the material. It did not mean that I was not happy to learn with Ms Mima anyway. Peace :D. I mean, this week two of my friends, Ester and Richa became the facilitator of teaching and learning MMSEL at class. This will be the routine process, which every student in class will have a chance to teach or facilitate other students to learn at the class. I enjoyed the class much, we still have to discuss and share our findings in that discussion in front of the class through presentation.

I appreciate the Ester and Richa’s work, that they did well preparation about the tools needed in the class, such as flip chart, and a copy of paper needed as a source of learning. I also appreciate their work, since actually, the member of their group was sick, so they prepare it by limited member, just two members.
The class is arranged by group discussion. Each group has different topic to be discussed. Then, at the end of a class, students present what they have learnt.

I got the topic about self regulation and self determination. For the first time, we hardly to relate that topics, because of limited explanation ion the paper given by the co-lecturer. Then, we try to find the information related, from the internet. Then what we got is a hot debate between us in a group. Actually, the function of co-lecturer is to make a control of the discussion, when teacher as a guide. Teacher should give an explanation, so the debate will well controlled, and the students its self will not be confuse. In the debate Ms Richa and Ms Ester give us motivation to find the relation of both things.

Self regulation and self determination was truly reflective in learning. When teacher as a decision maker will decide what should do by the students. Is that make students feel motivated or not? That’s point is the most important things in learning that make a character of student. Students should have their own decision, when teacher give them a choice, that will make them not depending on something. Then in the future, their self regulation will become wiser. So, in conclusion, self regulation is the result of the process of students behavior, environment and their self. How they act, their react to something, and how they chooses the decision will affect this result.

~Give them a choice, then they cognitive development will grow as fast as they learn~

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