First meeting after mid-examination,

First meeting of MMSEL course is taught by our friends

Thanks full for Icha and Ester who lead us to learn for topic 5. We learnt about what the component are  to build up a classroom. Icha and Ester divided the class into 5 group, and each group should to present and explain about the topic (sub topic) to others, it seems like group presentation. My group consist of Fredy, Pientha, Synta, and I. Our topics are about : “Teacher Self-Efficacy and Teacher Expectation”.

My Group : Teacher : Self Efficacy and Expectation. Based on our discussion, we determine that teacher self-efficacy as beliefs about teacher in teaching and learning. And self expectation as beliefs about students’ outcome for learning. Tends to theory and our discussion, we guess that both of them, either teacher à self efficacy or expectation , it will give influences to students learning goals and students’ achievements . Teacher self efficacy should be high , because high self efficacy will give positive effect to another factors, and vice versa. We(teacher) need to have a high expectation towards students’ outcome. We are not necessarily to build low expectation towards students’ outcome.

Group: Classroom focus. They presented and explained about classroom  focus. There are two focus on classroom, those are mastery focus and performance focus.  I remarked both of focus classroom, that for mastery tends to incremental intelligence, whereas for performance tends to entity intelligence. Both of them (entity and incremental already given before midterm). We cannot separate both of classroom focus, when we are going to teach, because the time to apply classroom focus, it depends on classroom conditions itself.

Group: Self Regulation. When they (other group) explained this sub topic, actually I’m still  confuse about the definition of self regulation itself and related self determination. Nevertheless, Miss Mima re-explain about it after all of group presented. I define self regulation as a control of our self (teacher)  in doing something, it means that we know about what we will do, as simply: self regulation as beliefs to control their self.

Group: Caring and Modeling. Caring  related with relatedness and it’s about communicative. For example: by calling our students with their own names, it’s also one of the caring. And modeling, teacher is a role model, we can take an example, if teacher doesn’t like a subject, please don’t tell about it to students, but teacher should to show enthusiasm.

What I have gotten from this session is very meaningful, I’m being know about the components to build a good classroom.

During school experience program, actually I have implemented what the components to build a classroom. For instance, calling student’s name. Calling student’s name is very important for me, because when I called their names, they seems like feel comfort and is respected. And I try to hear what they are thinking about how to solve problem, when I gave a problem to them, and ask to another students to check and brainstorm about what their friends have done in front of class.

Nevertheless, the numbers of students is affected towards my effort to build a good classroom, actually. I couldn’t handle all of my students, it’s not easy as I guess. However, I try to find out the solution for this case, that is a teaching method, and I have to have high self-efficacy to build up a classroom.