This week is our first time we were thought by our friend in MMSEL course. We learn about topic fife which is “Class Structure, Self regulated Learner and Teacher Characteristics”. Ester and Richa as our teacher this week, they applied grouping method in teach us. Actually at the beginning of this lesson I felt a bit sleepy because last night I was sleep late. However after we did the activity I was not sleepy anymore, Ester and Richa divide us into some group consist of four and fife and then we discuss about the sub topic of topic fifth such as about Classroom Structure, Self Regulation and Self Determination Connection, Teacher Efficacy and teacher expectation, and also Caring and Modeling.
My group discuss about Classroom Structure. Based on our discuss, in classroom structure, there are two focus in the classroom which are Mastery Focused and Performance Focused. In Matery focused, teacher focus on student’s mastery in material, focus on the process of learning and increase student understanding. While in Performance focused, teacher and students focus on the result of learning and student’s performance like high grades or doing better that other. Our group make a comparison table between mastery focused and performance focused for make it more clear and easy to understood.
The other groups discuss and present their sub topic which is discussed by them. Self regulation and self determination group tell us that between self regulation and self determination have biimplications relation. Because they influence each other. Next is Teacher efficacy and teacher expectation. Based on this group presentation, Teacher efficacy is believe about teaching and learning, and teacher expectation is believe about students outcome in teaching and learning. This sub topic is a quit relate with theory about belief in future outcome in our previous lesson. And the last group presentation is about Caring and Modeling. This group tells us that caring means that showing personal feeling willing to spend personal time with students and respect to each individual. Whereas Modeling means that if you want your students to be motivated, you should motivate your self first.
After Ester and Richa session, miss Mima gave us some explanation to make it more clear. I think this material is still relate with theory motivation that we have learned before.
Based on our activity in last Monday, Ester and Richa teaching method is already good. By grouping method it can increase students motivation to learn because they could discuss with their friend in a group and presentation will make students more active.
That’s all my reflection,
Thank you