When I was learning MMSEL with my friends (Richa and Ester) last Monday, it can motivate me to learn more the material. Although they are as a friend, they keep their professionalism to be a teacher. They teach us seriously but still fun and closer with us. They use students centered approach to teach us. Besides that, they use personal approach in learning process that I think can make me more motivated to learn. Then, in the class room there is active learning. Student divided into several group and we are given the different material to be discussed. After that, we did presentation in each group. It can make me more motivated, because with doing discussion, I feel engage in learning process. So, I feel not bored. We can share idea each other. With presentation also can make us learn individually to develop our critical thinking. Although most of them learning process doing by students, but teacher still guide us to make teaching and learning more effective and efficient. Besides that, using well discussion can make us more understand what we have learned.

In group discussion, my group discusses about comparison Mastery focused and performance focused.

Characteristic of Mastery Focused :
• Focus on students’ learning
• Motivation come from internal
• Success defined as mastery and improvement
• Do when teacher will build students’ understanding
• Etc

Characteristic of Performance Focused :
• Focus on students’ performance
• Motivation come from external
• Success defined as high grade and comparison with other students
• Do when practice for students and near with test

There are many characteristic that can be discussed by us to find the differences between mastery focused and performance focused. So, it is interesting discussion, right???