This reflection is the first MMSEL reflection after Mid-term. As usual, I shall tell you about MMSEL course this week. There was something different in this course. It was about the facilitator where my friends (Icha and Ester) changed my lecturing in facilitating us to learn about the topic of MMSEL. They divided us to several groups and each group discuss about different sub topic.

I felt this topic was very important topic to be discussed by the prospective teachers, because this topic discussed the issues closely related to the real situation in the class during teaching and learning activities.

I and my friends in group discussed about teacher characteristics, especially about modeling and caring of teachers.  In modeling, we as teachers should be able to set a good example, both in attitude in class or in terms of lessons. We definitely want to see our students have a good attitude in class and have a good motivation in learning. I and my friends wrote a sentence to explain about modeling to other group, it was “If we want motivate our students, we should motivate ourselves first”. I remember a proverb that said “guru kencing berdiri, murid kencing berlari” .This proverb shows us that the modeling of the teacher is very important. Let’s imagine, if the teacher wrong in giving an example of behavior, what will happen to the students?. In caring, we as teachers should be sensitive to changes that happen to the students, both in attitude and in lessons. Teachers have to show that they care about their students. One example of this concern is when teachers are willing to spend personal time with their students and show respect for each individual

Another group that discussed the characteristic of teacher explained about the personal teaching efficacy and teacher expectation. From the group, I learn that the teacher may cause the students motivation in learning. When teacher have low self-efficacy in teaching, the students also will have low self-efficacy in learning. Teacher expectation also may become a standard that can be reached by the students.

Other material that I learn from others group were Class structure and Self-regulated Learners. In class structure, my friends explained about mastery and performance focused in learning. Mastery focused in learning is a learning that focused on students understanding rather than students’ grades. Performance focused in learning is focus on demonstrating high ability, and particularly ability compared to others.

In self regulation, My friends explained that Self-Regulation refers to students’ ability in understanding and controling their learning. Self-regulation itself is a result of personal process that combined with the motivation  though processes strategies and behaviours.

All the material in this topic is very important to be known and to be practiced by all teachers. We do not have to reflect on the teachers who are teaching. Actually, we can reflect on our experiences as a student. What we expect from our teachers? What we want from our teachers?  What kind of attitude we want to receive from our teachers?

Daenuri Suhendar