Owh, this week is first meeting in second half of fifth semester. The topic in this week is about classroom structure, self-regulated learner and teacher characteristics.  If the previous meeting we were always teaches by Ibu Mima, but in this week we have guest lecturers.  They are Ms. Ester and Ms. Richa. Actually, they are our friends, but they had authority in manage and lead the class for this week.

At the first, they divided us into four groups randomly. Each group got one sub-topic to be discussed and then have to present it in front of class. My group and I got a topic about focused classroom. There are two types of focused classroom. They are mastery/learning-focused classroom and performance-focused classroom. I had experience refers to this topic. When grade twelve my mathematics teacher usually did comparison between one class achievement and another class achievement. This case, my mathematics teacher did performance-focused classroom. Sometimes, performance-focused classroom is needed. However we also need to apply mastery-focused classroom because it is focus to students’ understanding. Not to students’ grade. This topic motivates me to know when the one of focus classroom will be applied appropriately.

Then from the other group (other topic), I learnt that as teacher we should to have strong character in teaching. Teacher’s efficacy, teacher’s expectancy, caring, and modeling are cannot be separated. Relates to this topic, I had experience. There is my teacher who always said “spirit students”, but the other side he looks like sleepy in said that. How can students will be motivated? Some day, when we become a teacher we have strong character in educate our students. Hopefully…J

Ya, a lot of thing I learnt in this week. Ester and Richa already proven that they can teach college students. This is made me learn for my turn in next time. Thanks a lot for meaningful week…J

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