This week, we learned with our lucky number one teachers, which come to duet Ester and Icha. They bring material about learning focus in classroom, self-regulation, teacher efficacy and expectation, caring and modeling. I actually very impressed with this group presentation which is free us to build understanding through group discussion and presentation, which was more gave us freedom and let us learning by ourselves. However, my group had some difficulties to found out the answer of guiding question, which is make us should have extra reading. However, that was good they motivate us by moving around and keep in touch with each group. Something unique, we actually have standing presentation with some of us are standing when group presentation….

As learning goals, we want to know the meaning of something, thus it was with learning this week. I realize that this topic will be useful for tomorrow carrier as teacher, especially mathematics teacher. How learning focus in classroom would impact in students’ performance make teacher should choose the good learning focus in classroom. How self-regulation and self-determination as an integral part and I know that with implement self-regulation to students can increase students motivation. How teacher efficacy and beliefs also influence students performance also teacher it-self, which is I aware that I should have high expectation to my students. Also how caring and modeling could help our teaching. Actually, we could make students do without telling them rather by do it by ourselves and students would imitate what they do. It was impressive, it would be more effective than said “hey, you should do this and that” or people call it talk less do more.

Actually what we already learned this week was almost happened in my school life. My teacher was very performance focus, she always compare one student to another student, what we did would get points and so on. That what I saw in my class, it was also make me scared, some of my friend then sometimes should cheat and threaten my smart friend when exam. This is what we get when we really implement this to classroom, however, might be it’s not all.

Self-regulation and self-determination, actually in my school, the system is not giving self-regulation or the condition is not support self-determination class, this is make us the students have low intrinsic motivation. To be honest, majority of my friend come to school for socialization, the remaining for catch the best mark to continue and get their favorite college.

This is what I belief about teacher expectation, that is true that when teacher expectation students can reach something, then students could really reach it. It’s based on my prior experience which is what my teacher expect with me to get higher even what my teacher expect me to get middle in competition that was really true. It also happened in my school that I observed, teacher has high expectation and students really can reach it. So, it is better to set high expectation to our students then. Teacher efficacy also influence teaching and learning process. I believe in this, actually I feel like I really can’t teach someone in my life, I feel desperate because it so sudden with so many chapter and blank mind of the student, which is make me feel woaaa, I couldn’t in hours to master with tomorrow test and the last both of us blank. This is what make me learned how when we become a teacher, something like that would appear, hence we should set our feeling, mental to face it. Teaching whenever, wherever and in every condition.

Last, caring and modeling. I know that every teacher need both of these to be closer with students. I remember teacher who remember me and knowing me well rather than who is not and more emphasizing me as a students that always listening. Students also need to be listened. What I realize that teacher who care would get personal approach from students which is can help to know more students progress in learning. About modeling, it very useful for us to do modeling rather than just talk and said to students. When my teacher said to my friend not to smoke, what my friend do is not stop but rather continue because teacher it-self smoke by themselves. This is show how modeling is strength than just word. So, that is why we should just do and be a model of our students.

Thank you 🙂