This week is the first week learning MMSEL which is taught by classmate, Richa and Ester. They did teaching for 150 minutes. They like lecturers as usual. They can set teaching and learning activities in good way. However, they were just as facilitators at that time. They just gave class instruction and direction during teaching and learning process, but they did not deliver materials. They used group discussion and group presentation as their teaching method. They divided class into some groups and each group got different subtopic but the same responsible; do presentation to the class about the subtopic that each group got. In short, I can say that the class setting and teaching method that they chose is good, because I saw that most of students (included me) understood the materials and looked enjoyable during teaching and learning process.

Talk about understanding the materials, it is also influenced by my learning motivation. I was motivated by the teaching method that my classmate used at that time; group discussion and presentation. By using both, I felt happy and enjoy, I can improve my knowledge from others and clarify my understanding. Besides that, I also motivated with the class condition which felt comfortable and enjoyable to learning.

This week, class learned about classroom structured; mastery and performance, self regulated learner, teacher efficacy & expectations, and teacher characteristics. I learned that mastery focus on improving students understanding and the motivation comes from intrinsic motivation, and performance focus on comparison between pupil’s grade and the motivation comes from extrinsic. If I may related to my prior knowledge, I already realized that classroom structured explanation has applied in my teaching and learning when I did teaching experience. I divided my focus according to class characteristic and needs. I also learned, Self-regulated learner or self-regulation which means understand ourselves. In self regulated, it will encourage and help learner to monitor progress towards goals, managing time effectively, set priorities and be organized, and set both short and long term challenging goals. If I may relate also to my prior knowledge, self regulated is implicitly I have applied in my life, especially when I decided something in certain situation. For teacher characteristic, this subtopic is explained by my group. We explain about Modeling and Enthusiasm, and Caring. Modeling and enthusiasm means communicating genuine interest and Caring means meeting needs for belonging. If I may relate to my prior knowledge again, when I did teaching in school experience, I learned that as a teacher we have to care, be aware that we are as a role model, and have more enthusiasm than students during teaching and learning process. After I learned teacher characteristic on this week, I learned that we as teacher need to have its characteristic to support our teaching and learning running well.

In short, teaching and learning process for this week was running well and also supported by Bu Mima’s explanation about materials as the overview at the end of session which could clarify my understanding about the materials.

By learning these topics, I realized that many things that I learned can improve my teaching and learning process and improve myself in learning.

Keep learning! 😉