This week we learn about class structure, self-regulated learner and teacher characteristic.  Like usual, Mrs.Mima come to our class at 2 pm, but there something special with today session, because the one who will teach us today is not only Mrs.Mima. She will be assisted by two of our friends, Richa and Ester.

At first I was curious how Ester and Richa will deliver the material, because I know that actually they supposed to deliver material with Sufi, but unfortunately because Sufi was accidentally got sick so only two of them who guide our learning in the class. Later on I found that ester and Richa separated the class into four small groups and each of the group were assigned to discuss 1 sub-topic and then share their discussion to students from other groups. Ester and Richa then distributed reading materials that they have prepared for each group. The content of the reading materials were different to each other, depend on what subtopic the group was assigned to discuss and share.

My groups got one subtopic which talking about teacher efficacy and teacher expectation.  At first, after we read the reading material, my group and I got confused, because the reading material that we obtained somehow confuse the term teacher efficacy and teacher expectation as same thing, also the information that we got from the reading material was very little, because half of the reading material itself was dominated by a picture which we do not know what was it explaining about. However, after doing some deep discussion and exploration and also with the help from ester and Richa, we finally got the main point of our topic discussion.

Well, based on what my group and I understand about teacher efficacy and expectation, the term teacher efficacy seems to be similar to students efficacy, but here its more about how the teacher believes that his/her teaching can affect students learning. In my opinion, as a teacher candidate, having high self-efficacy in our teaching is very important. In my prior experience, I ever heard someone complaining about her student’s performance, as she said “my student is helpless, she can only score 4 out of 50 in her last math test, it’s impossible I can make her understand the whole material”. This teacher seems to have low self-efficacy on her teaching and it’s not a good example. If the teacher itself doesn’t believe that our teaching can make our students understand, how can we make the students motivated to learn?

Another important characteristic that my group discussed was about teacher expectation. Teacher expectation can be said as teacher’s beliefs on students’ outcome from the learning. Every teacher expecting their students to be succeed, however not all teacher can communicate their expectation to students. From this session, I learn that one of the most effective ways to communicate our expectation is putting high standards for students. By doing this, we (teacher candidate) can directly show to the students that we believe in their capability and competence. However, reflect to my teaching experience program in Regina Pacis, in putting high standard to our students we still need to make sure that our expectation still in students Zone of proximal development.

After discussion, each group was asked to present their result.  From all the presentations, there was one subtopic that grabs my attention, its about classroom focus. According to the presentation, there were two types of classroom; mastery focused classroom and performance focused classroom. Mastery focused classroom emphasized on process and students understanding, while performance focused classroom emphasize on students grade and comparison among students.

Recall to my prior experience when I was in high school, the classes was categorized into regular classes, superior class and acceleration class. At that time, I was placed in superior class. The teachers often compare students score between classes. In my class, the teachers also compare students score. This made the students compete each other to get the best score and compare their score to other students. The strategy worked to make the students put more effort in doing their test. However many of the students just did rote learning like remembering and after the test many of them forgot what they already learn. So, in my opinion, performance focused class is not always bad, but it’s better to have mastery focused class. Since the aim of our education is not about getting good mark, but to make our students understand the lesson taught in school and be able to apply it in their life, mark is only one of our tools for us to assess students understanding.

Fredy Maulana