One word to represent my first team teaching reflection is nervouuuussss…

Nervous because that was my first team teaching on Motivation and Management of Students for Effective Learning course. On this first team teaching I and my group taught about class structure: creating a learning-focused environment, self-regulated learner: developing students’ responsibility (applying learners’ need for self-determination) and teacher characteristics: personal qualities that increase motivation to learn such as personal teaching efficacy: beliefs about teaching and learning, modeling and enthusiasm, caring: meeting the needs for belonging and relatedness, and teacher expectations: increasing perceptions of competence topics. I am happy that it was going well although I was nervous at that time. Although we were perform in not complete team form, but at least we have tried our best. During the teaching and learning I was wondering whether did I applied what I give to the class. Are we already conduct a learning-focused classroom? Are we already have personal qualities that increase class motivation to learn?.

Well what I have got from this teaching was my friends did learning, because they give some thinking and ideas that I have never thought before. For example when one presents their discussion result the other were given adding information just like group one (with learning-focused environment) they ask in what situation that learning-focused environment and performance-focused environment can be applied. My friends were do sharing their knowledge, as a benefit I also learn from their conversation because I did not thought that what focused environment that suit to particular situation, hehe J and many other example… Through them I also learn what should I improve to fulfill teacher characteristics; personal qualities that increase my students motivation to learn on my teaching later.

Now I want to tell how we conduct this teaching and learning (curcol, hehe J). From the preparation, I think we lack of it because we just remember that we will teaching topic 5 at last three day so we were doing online discussion since I, Sufi and ester have our own schedule. For example I was preparing for my social activity on the end of that week as well as Sufi but he caught typhus so he cannot come to teaching at Monday. Ester was on field trip schedule to IPB. As the result we cannot held a rehearseal. However, I and Ester were still on spirit to discuss even prepare mini lesson plan, hehe..

The day, we still confused around with one sub-topic because we still did not get good reference for it. So as the result we will conduct brainstorming discussion since the sub-topic was modeling and enthusiasm so it will be great if we know this sub-topic from the number one resources which is students or in this teaching were my friends (their perspective were a good reference right…). We use group-discussion method because it will save our time and we think it was a good method at that moment. We also provide a quiz at the end of our teaching in order to strength their concept to all topics. I hope with this teaching method we already conduct a mastery or learning focused environment.

And finally we (Icha, Ester and Sufi) want to say thank you very very much to Ms. Mima because you were keep supporting and motivating us when I and Ester taught this topic J and to my friends that help us to learn more, thank you all…

I think that is all from me.

Thank you.

Richa Fatimah


For Motivation and Management of Students for Effective Learning Course