This Monday, Ms.Mima went to the class with her assistant, which are our friends, Ester and Richa. Next week will be my group turn hehe. The class started with a little problem from Richa and Esther. Actually, they suppose to teach with Sufi, but Sufi was sick. But I appreciated of what they were prepared. Good Job E and R!

I am actually not having big motivation to learn at the class at that day. I got little dizzy but I tried to take control of my spinnin head. But I like when Richa and Esther separate us into groups. I got the material about Personal teacher Efficacy : Beliefs about teaching and Learning and Teacher Expectations: Increasing perceptions of competence. Then Richa and Esther gave us some reading materials and asked us to make a presentation of it. Actually the reading materials that they gave to my group are really limited. That is why made my group confused to find the difference between the two topics that we got. I really like and love discussion. From my group discussion, finally we figure it out what was the differences and what should we deliver to our friends. Then, we get presentation time and before that we have to master our topics.

Honestly, I still confused of what my groups topics but after hearing and thinking again, finally I understand hahahahahahahaha. Honestly (again), I feel like the teacher which are Esther and Richa are not motivate me to learn, but the class presentation are made me excited because we talked about something new.

We are talked about the class structured; mastery and performance focused in learning. Mastery focused in learning is a learning that focused on students understanding rather than students’ grades. Performance focused in learning is the contrary. I thought that in my high school, teachers are tempted to teach us about the grades. They know that smart students always have a good score. It was made my friends and I feel stressed if we had a bad score.

Next is about self-regulated. Actually I still confused of what self-regulated is. But the self-regulated for me is like when I understand of something that can be done by myself. Another definition from me is like I appreciate my self that I can do what the task want to do. Luckily ms.mima gave us more explanation about self-regulated and it really important for teacher to build up students self-regulation to make the students can achieve their goals.

The next topic is about my group presentation, which are Personal teacher Efficacy: Beliefs about teaching and Learning and Teacher Expectations: Increasing perceptions of competence. Teacher Efficacy is the teacher confidence about their teaching and learning methods and strategy to teach students. If teacher are belief on their self, than they will deliver material in a good way and make students understanding more about the material. The difference with Teacher Expectation is lies in their end. The teacher expectation is the expectation from teacher to the students so that the students will increase their motivation to learn and can reach the teacher expectation. It kind of similar things but they have difference impact for students motivation.

The last topic is my favorite topic, which are Modeling and Enthusiasm and Caring. The teachers are the students’ models. YES IT IS! Like Mr. Bandura said, students are likely to model something from the old person. Honestly, I want to be a teacher first because I want to be like my teachers in High School. She is really inspiring. And I have to prepare for my future to be a great teachers so that my students can also inspired by me to become a teacher. They are something that I learn to. To become a teacher, we should be professional artist :). The last presentation is about caring. Well, as a candidate of teachers, I have the spirit of caring my students. In my teaching experience, I always gave students comments on every their work. Students told me that they just have a teacher that appreciated their work. Because they teacher is only gave them score and sign it but never gave them a little comment in their work.

That’s all from this week. I can’t wait for my turn next Monday.