In this Monday, November  21st  2011, my class learning condition was different. Why? Because two of my classmates handled the class, they were Icha and Ester, actually Sufi was their partner too, but Sufi was sick and he did not come to the class. At that time, they explained about class structure, self-regulated learner and teacher characteristics. They divided us became several groups, and then each group had different topic to be discussed. Icha and Ester were my friends, but at this time they were my lectures. They motivated us (especially me) by looking at around the group. Tried to have talk with me, sometimes they asked what about the discussion progress. And they also gave us reading material that would help us to finish our work (at that time, my group had task to discuss about definition of self-regulation and the connection between self-regulation and self-determination then we had to write down our discussion result on the flip chart clearly). Icha and Ester walked around and stated that we should do our best.
These topics were interesting. Each group had an important topic to be discussed. I was so curious about all topics. I thought that these topics were so useful for me as a teacher candidate. As a teacher, I had to know how I could motivate my students to learn, what the suitable focused to be applied in my future classroom, what benefit and weakness of each type of focused that applied in my future classroom. Both of these focussed could not be separated, but they would complement each other. Teacher could choose what the suitable foccused that could be applied in the class. And then the most important topic was about teacher characteristics. Characteristics talked here focused to the good characteristics. I considered that teacher was like a model. Everything we did in front of our students, they really paid detail attention, even correction. And also our feeling when faced them would affect their feeling to learn. I still remembered what Namirah’s group said “if we will motivate our students, we should motivate our selves first”. That was clearly stated that our feeling affected our students feeling. Then I was very interesting to teacher expectation.  By Synta’s group, I got a point that we, as teacher, should give high expectation to the students’ ability so that they could be motivated to increase their perception of competence. So, what we expected from them, it would be their target to be reached.
My MMSEL subject is so useful for me to be a good teacher 🙂
Managing class well and being a motivated model for them, then I will be a loved teacher ♥.

Arum Febriani