This week Ms. Mima only taught us for one hour, because it was the time for our friends (Icha and Ester) to facilitate us for topic 5 mmsel class. Icha and ester divided us into some groups for discussing the topic. This week we learned about Class structure: Creating a mastery-focused environment, Self-regulated learners, and Teacher characteristics; teacher’s efficacy, teacher expectations, caring and modeling.
Caring and Modeling
The teacher’s caring to students can make the students’ motivation increased because students feel that the teacher care of them. Why i say that because I can feel that if my teacher care of me I become more enthusiastic to follow the lesson. It happens when I was in high school. My chemistry teacher is very kind person and she care with the students; all of students like her. If there were students who get bad score, she talked to the students and she gave motivation for them. When i got bad score she motivated me, and it’s like I get new energy to learn chemist again and i become more enthusiastic than before. The teacher who cares with students can make students feel that they were respected by his teacher so it can make students motivation increase. As a teacher we must maintain attitude in front of the students, because the teacher is the role model for the students.
My friend and I discussed about self-regulation. Self-Regulation refers to students’ ability to understand and control their learning (Schunk & Zimmerman, 1994; Winne, 1995; Zimmerman, 1994) Self-regulation itself is a result of personal process, the environment, and one’s own behaviors. Self-regulation skills can be taught, learned, and controlled.
Four steps to help students becomes self-regulated

Using the four-step plan to help students becomes self-regulated because it gives them an explicit plan for improving their success in math. Without self-regulatory skills, students are at greater risk of dropping out or failing because they attribute their learning problems to lack of ability (Graham, 1991).

Mastery learning focus and Performance focus
Mastery learning focus is focus on the students understanding. The teacher who has mastery focus will make strategy for teaching that makes students understand. It differs from performance focus. The teacher that has performance focus only focuses on the students’ achievement. For example, when I was in high school the teacher only gave us worksheets, quiz or test without practice or groups discussion. She forced us to get the best score; the students who didn’t get good score had to stand in front of class. The students were humiliated by the teacher in front of the class because their score were bad. The teacher made students worried about score; he also made us stressed because we must do worksheet and quiz every day. It shows us that the teacher that has performance focus will only focus on students achievements. She didn’t know whether their students understand about the lesson or not. Therefore the teacher must focus with both of them; mastery and performance focus, because if we want the students get a best score we must care about the students understand the lesson.
Teacher’s efficacy and Teacher expectations
Teacher’s efficacy is the teacher’s belief about students’ ability to learn and belief about their teaching. Teacher’s efficacy examines the factors that contribute to the confidence. Teachers have to successfully achieve their goals related to classroom instruction, classroom management, and motivating students. Teacher’s expectation of students is like teacher belief of student behavior or achievement.
In this week icha and ester gave a good instruction that made us understand what we do in learning. They make learning structured and make the lesson went well. They gave exercise in the last to be answered together to check their understanding of today’s lesson. It’s a good moment. The weakness is when my group asked one of them about the topic she got confused and didn’t understand the answer of the questioin. It made my groups confused about the topic. Hhee,,
How about next week yah… I wait for my friends’ next performance to facilitate us in learning MMSEL.:)

Anugrah Meti Suryani (2009110021)