In this fifth chapter, our friends Ester and Richa was being a tutor. Actually there would be three students that would be a tutor including Ester and Richa but Sufi was sick and could not attend the teaching session.

This topic was introduced using some activities that were interesting me to learn. i began to curious, about what are the characteristics that a good teacher should have, what is self regulated learner, and class structure in motivating students to learn after the PPT of the teacher was presented. This topic began more interesting also when the activities in the classroom were just conducted. It was something that made my body moved, doing discussion with reading material -in hand, and presentation session. The activities took not too long time and I think it was effective when they conducted it.

After the presentation was just finished, we began to do mini test. We were asked to determine some characteristics of the teacher based on the terminologies that we had just learned. It was a good strategy of teaching, teachers would know how deep their students mastering the material. Students would show their understanding and also some students would show their miss understanding in the same time. So teacher could re correction about students understanding.

Through reflection, this topic seems to be very useful, especially for me. Based on my own reflection, in fact I have not been a self regulated learner. I still need to learn and practice much about self regulated learner itself and how to reach that level of learner.

So many new terms that i learned in this session. Two of them are teaching efficacy and self fulfilling prophecy. This session influence me to have motivation in teaching through those terminologies, is that the teacher should have a very mature characteristics after i learned this topic.

I want to share my experience about teache rin my senior high school. In my experience, there was a teacher in my senior high school. She was very confident in teaching mathematics. I think, she always believed that she could hook her students with her teaching no metter how good the students. Even the most “careless” students in her teaching subject.

She always began the lesson with “apa kabar semua, senang bisa ketemu lagi di XI Ipa berapa ini … ?”. she also remembered 40 students name in my class. That was awsome.

As i remembered, she always provide time to check if a students always had a bad score, why is that happening. She was also ready for students who wanted to have remedial session with her tutorial first.

For all the students, she always said that she or he can do mathematics, get a good score and enter good universities.

This teacher reflects high personal teaching efficacy cause she believed that she can motivate students no metter who they are and how good they are in math. She also modelled a high enthusiasm in beginning her class session. She was communicating genuine interest. She also cared to students with remembering to 40 students name, its not easy actually, but she can.

She believed that students in my SMA could get a good score and can enter good universities. She just applied self fulfilling prophecy and she just put a high expectation to students in mark and good targeted universities.

It was our job to facilitate students in learning so they are motivated. our characteristics will determine what kind of students that we are gonna create. A good teacher characteristics, do we have? 🙂