From this week we will be taught by our friends. This week begin with Ms. Ester and Ms. Icha. hehehehe:)

this week we learn about Class Structure, Self-Regulated Learner and Teacher Characteristics. They ask us to make a grou and then give material to us. I and my group (Firzie, Ulfah, Septi, and Zahra) get the reading material which is Learning Focused and Performance Focused. From that group discussion I learn about what is performance Focused. When I use the mastery or performance focused.

from other group presentation, I learn about Modeling and Caring. The most interesting word from this group “If you want to motivated your students, you should motivated your self first.”

I also learn about Self Regulation, Teacher Belief and also Teacher expectation.From Teacher expectation I learn that higher teachers’ expect to the students the higher students can achieve.

I also like Vanny’s group statement about the connection of Self regulation to Self Determination. They said that it has bi-implication. self regulated <-> Self Determination. It helps me to remember about this topic.

After group discussion and presentation, Ms. Ester and Ms. Icha check our understanding. They ask us to answer multiple choice problem related to our topic. After that Bu Mima make conclusion about what we learn.


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