We have Ms Ester and Ms Icha for today class! Both of them are great teachers.I really enjoyed their class and the activities are very fun. This class is very motivating and I learn a lot from today lesson.

Actually, starting from Week 9, each of us will be teaching our friends in turn. For today, we learn about 4 topics with Ester and Icha which are:

  1. Mastery/Learning Focused and Performance Focused
  2. Teacher’s Efficacy
  3. Self Regulation
  4. Caring and Modelling

We are asked to form four groups and discuss different topics which were later would be presented in front of the class. My group consist of Pientha, Fredy, Zahra and I, we got the topic of Teacher’s Efficacy and Teacher’s Expectation. This topic looks similar to what I have learned before, it’s about students’ self-efficacy. I thought this will be similar to that. We discussed the topic from reading material given by Ester and Icha. During the discussion, Icha and Ester help us to understand some parts that we feel confused. From the discussion, I know that what the means of  teacher’s efficacy is teacher’s belief about his/her own teaching and the students’ learning. While, teacher’s expectation is teacher’s belief on students’ outcome from the learning. These two are different actually. But, the important thing is that as teacher, we need to set our expectation high in order for our students’ to be able to achieve higher.

Other groups also presented their discussion. I learn that Mastery focused and Performance focused are different in the objective of the learning conducted by the teacher. When in the Mastery focused class, the focus is on the students’ improvement of their understanding. This will build students’ intrinsic motivation. While for performance focused class, the teacher set the class to achieve good result. So, here the most important thing is the result of the learning and this will give students’ extrinsic motivation. We can not only focus on one thing between these two. It is important for students to enjoy their learning and not feeling pressured worrying about grades. Good achievement will come up from good process. But, as teacher, we also have to consider students’ chance to pass the exam (or the standard).

The next group explained about Self Regulation. Students will have their own self regulation based on their learning environment. This self regulation has connection to Self Determination. Students’ task performance is also affected by their self regulation. Having self regulation is very important for every student. It helps students to set their goals in learning and monitor their own learning.

The last group talked about Caring and Modelling. “If teacher wants students to be motivated, the teacher should motivate his/her self first.” I  so agree to this statement. When we expect students to do something, at least we can show them how it can be done. This group drew beautiful pictures to illustrate the concepts. Teacher greats students, showing cares for them and also willing to spend time to talk with students. Based on what I have experienced, a teacher who cares about his/her students will have better relation with students.

After the presentation, Ester and Icha gave us a quick test about today materials. Most of the questions can be answered by us clearly. This shows that today class is effective.

Today lesson learn: being teacher is not an easy job. Teacher is an art. There are so many factors related one another to make a great teaching and learning. I still need to learn more to become a teacher who can accommodate students with different characteristics, needs, goals, etc, to make them reach their full potential in learning.