Our friends, Icha and Ester, were facilitated the first meeting of MMSEL course after mid test. They got topic 5 to be delivered which is Class Structure, Self-Regulated Learner and Teacher Characteristics. They opened the class by dividing among of us into 4 groups. I got the third group, which consists of 5 persons. Our task is to find what the self-regulated learner is and how it is connected to self-determination. This terminology, self-regulated learner was a new thing for me. I have heard about it before but I didn’t know what does it mean. All groups presented their works and continued by further explanation from out lovely lecturer, ibu Mima. Today’s class was so enjoyable, no pressure, so fun and completely meaningful.

Icha’s group was taught with relaxed. Their emotional reaction affects my enthusiasm in learning. I was so enthusiastic to do their instructions. They taught in front of the class with no distance between them and us. They only gave instructions; what the rest of classes are supposed to do. They did not teach like in microteaching. It was so fun for me. After all of group presented their work, Icha and Ester made sure our understanding by giving a multiple choices questions about what we have learned from 4 groups. I loved the questions they gave because It is been a long time for me not to answer those kind of multiple choices.

Class structure, self-regulated learner and teacher characteristics are important topic for me. Knowing that there are two types of class structure made me think what situation teacher can implement these two types effectively. The characteristics of each type influence my belief where my class will go. For instance, when there is no time to do summative assessment, I will take on going assessment as in mastery learning focused classroom. It is also happened for teacher self-efficacy and caring & modeling. The further information renews my knowledge and adds some more. The new things I got is self-regulated learner. It influences my education history so far. What in my mind was, I have been self-regulated learner since I was in high school. I knew what I have to do, goals, how to achieve the goals and how to keep moving in the achieved goals. I felt that I became what I am now is because I have self-regulation. It supports me to be a good learner.

My prior knowledge about teacher self-efficacy and caring & modeling was quite close to these two topics, so I did not have many problems. For self-regulated learner and class structured, it was a new ‘term’ for me. It was like only new in the skin, but inside I have seen it several times. I had some prior knowledge about class management, assessment, motivation, and students’ performance. In class structuctures, all of them combined to differ which one the mastery learning focused and which one performance focused. It is also happened to self-regulated-learner, I have known about belief and goals that affects students’ motivation in learning. Self-regulated learner emphasizes that the result of that process (belief, needs and goals affect motivation) will affect students’ behaviors. So, these topics were ever cyclic in my mind in different and simpler form.

Knowing all about this topic was sharpening and enlightening my perspective about educating students. This topic may help me to be a role model-educator-teacher. The more I learn, the more I am falling love of being a teacher. One day, I will be mathematics teacher that teach Students (Self-Regulated Learner) with Brain (Mastery/Performance Focused), Beauty (Caring & Modelling) and Behavior (Teacher Self-Efficacy).

Vanny Septia Efendi