My reflection …

Well actually I do not know what i have to write here…  Uhm.. Uhm.. Uhm… This week we have an independent study, I and my group filled this time to discuss our task for mid test (presentation).  First we start the discussion through sharing what school we taught, what we get from observation and tell our focus on motivation as well as asking what other thoughts. As the discussion goes we find the similarities for our focus, hooorraayyy… Then we continue our discussion with design our report and presentation. First we list what we got, what we need and search for source that might strength what we have got. We decide to sketch what we will present first and design the presentation. We tried to make it clear for our audience later so stepping all the material is our most concern. Then we decide to make our own design then later we discussed again what we can add and combine from other design. After we design our own design 20 minutes later, we grouping again to compile what we design and give comment and suggestion so that it will become better. But it is not finished because we only did the draft. And we will have another discussion in another time.

Well i think that is all.

Thank you.

Richa Fatimah 2009110007.


Sampoerna School of Education.