This Week is independent study, time to discuss with our own group. Well, my group agree to make self report and combine it together, then analyze it together to, but actually we are not ready yet to discuss, so this week we focus on our own report then we will compile it later

My experience in past school experience as also I said in the post before that, my students is high motivated to study. Then, I tried to compare with my observation in that class, teacher ask them to do some problems then ask one of them to do it in front of the class, some others take a note and some others look at their friends doing. It’s actually haven’t shown that they are high motivated as teacher said. Then, when I tried to make some competition among the group in the class, it’s over my expectation,all the group member come up together in front of the class…very motivated

That’s the story of mine that haven’t been completed yet…I will report it completely later, and when the time is come our group will meet and analyze it together