This week is independent study. Each group asked to discuss with their blog group to prepare their presentation and paper for mid-test. My group consists of Arum, Yeni, and Zen. We tried to discuss about the concept and rundown for presentation and report, and arranged the timeline for meeting and discussing again later.

At the beginning, our discussion talked about the detail of each chapter that we have to share and explain clearly in our report. We explore and break down each chapter by points with purposing to make us easier when each of us write the report. For first chapter, we add some point to be explained in our report as the general information from our school besides school names, grade, number of students; culture at that school, how many times that we got for teaching at that school. For second chapter, we just add some points and emphasize some points for supporting our finding and fact analysis more valid. The additional point is  how long we do observation. The emphasize points are focus in one case which is unique and informatif case for making our report and presentation comprehension, also others friends will get the lesson learnt from our case, and analyze the clasrrom situation using topics that we have learned from session 1 to 4. Another emphasize points are share teaching method of master teacher and tell what is the motivation that master teacher give to students, also tell the condition and cronology during teaching and leaarning process. In our group, each of member have to write the simple report and do individually based on teaching experience just for first and second chapter. Individual report just for guiding us to write the group report. For third and fourth chapter, we do in group. For doing these chapter, we decide to meet (face to face) to discuss first and second chapter earlier then continue to do third and fourth chapter. In third chapter, our group wanted to focus in one case but the case has uniqueness and many information that the class will get the lesson learned from our case and to make my group easier to analyze it and relate it to the theories of motivation. For the last chapter, we will conclude the core of our discussion and take “benang merah” from all the case that each of us told in first and second chapter.


The technique for individual task (simple report), we plan that each of us write it by theirselves and send the simple report by email to other member and after each of member read other report, we will discuss together to decide one case that our group want to focus and create the truly report together.