Hemmmm,,, actually I still confused what should I write down here as my reflection in week 7. Because its time to independent study and I just discussion with my group to prepare in Mid Exam presentation. So, I will share about what I get in my discussion with my friends (Arum, Sabrine and Zaen).

Well, in my discussion, we discuss about what points that can be included on our presentations. We share what finding based on our observation in the classroom in different school. Especially it is related with Motivation theory that can be learned. There are four major points which can be presented. Here look at below!

• General information about our school that be observed
• Finding from each school that be observed
• Analysis one finding that we think that is interesting to be discussion
• Conclusion

These are about what should we include in our presentation for next mid test. However, we do individually first to write the finding based on our observations. After that, we do discussion again to collect and analysis our findings. That all…. 🙂