For the last meeting of MMSEL’s course before midterms, my friends and I don’t learn as usual, so we have an independent study.

What kinds of topic for my/ our independent study? Before Miss Mima leave us, she explains what we have to do for independent study, that is we have to discuss about our preparation for midterms. Our midterms is not paper or pencil test, but we have to make a presentation about our experience during School Experience, the presentation must be related to the MMSEL’s course.

Ok, I’ll share my group discussion. My group consists of Anggi, Firzie, Septi, and I, Zahra. Our school during school experience are different, instead of Septi and I, we have same school. We discuss about design for our presentation, it means about the content. As we know, in our presentation consists of 4 chapter. For chapter 1 and chapter 2, our group will do it as individually first. And we will discuss it later and continue to the next chapter as my group topic.

Bellow is my planning for midterm presentation.

Actually, I didn’t observe my master teacher when he taught the students about content (mathematics) as usual, but I observed him when he re-explained about midterm’s problem sheet. Hence, I couldn’t see how he teach his students and how he can engage student’s motivation in learning mathematics. However, it doesn’t matter for me to get any data 🙂 . I still could observe, even in this situation (situation: re-explain midterms problem sheet).

Before, I entered into the classroom, I asked to my master teacher to tell me about classroom’s situation during all students learn math as usual briefly. Based on my master teacher’s view, he said that most of his students didn’t have motivation to learn math, yeah only 2 or 3 students who are motivated in learning mathematics. Wow, I guess, it is very ironies, isn’t it?. Moreover, we as mathematics teacher candidate should  find out the solution of this problem. It’s becoming a challenge, isn’t it? 🙂

That’s all about my reflection, also my planning for my midterm’s presentation. For more detail, let’s see on midterm presentation later 😀


Math – 2009110019