In this week, there is no new material that we get from this course, because our lesson this week is independent study about preparation to mid term exam.

After Discrete Math lesson we didn’t get break time, because we would be briefed by Ms Mima about this independent study. Ms mima told us about our mid term exam which is Presentation about our teaching experience, what’s happen in our students or our class and relate it with the materials (theories of motivation) that we have learned from the first week until now. We do our presentation preparation in individual first and combine with the other friends in a group.

At that time, we were not just briefed about independent study actually, we also share about our teaching experience in the school. Some of us have a unique experience with their student, its look very interesting experience.

Now, we hope we can do our mid term exam with good preparation and do our best…

Semangat kawan! 🙂