In this week, Ibu Mima allowed us to learn without her because she will go to somewhere. In the first session, Ibu Mima told us about the mid term project that is group presentation. Each group should present their experience during school experience program. What the group got and how we analyze the problem.

During independent study, i watched a film with my friend. The film was bad teacher. Hei, what do you think from the title of the movie? Yep, this movie was about a teacher who has very bad attitude. She has no passion in teaching, she used drugs, alcoholic and so many negative sides.

But, what i try to reflect after watching this movie? Teacher is a human like others. Teachers are not always do good things, sometimes for several reason so many bad teachers out there. Teachers can do bad things like come late, angry, etc, and they are normal things. The key is how as a teacher we control those bad things. Again, we have learned the ethical profession of teachers.

So friends, what do you think about this movie??