Yes, yes! The Mid term exam is right in front of us. I still feel nervous although this is not my first mid-exam anymore. I guess most of us feel the same.

This is the last meeting before mid, Ms Mima told us to do independent learning because she had an important meeting to attend.

We have presentation for MMSEL Class mid-exam. It will be done in group. But, everyone should give contribution to the presentation, by reporting the analyzis of observation been done in our two weeks school experience. So, for this independent learning, we have to start brainstorming our idea for the presentation. There is a guideline for the observation and also for the presentation. We have to present the school and classroom background, list down all facts we got from the observation and then analyze it based on theories we have learned in MMSEL Class.

I have to done my part first and then combine it to my group mates, so it will become one report.

There are many interesting facts I got from my observation. I think it is going to be interesting to be discussed in the presentation of my group.

Can’t wait to the end of this Mid-Exam Weeks! Hopefully, all of us can survive and pass it well. 😀

Wish you me luck! and I also for you 🙂