In this week, our class didn’t learn as usual week mmsel class,, we just did discussion group for prepare mid term exam. Before we did discussion groups Ms Mima told us some information about mmsel mid term.  She told that for midterms preparation we should to did presentation group about the case that we found in class based on our observation. After that we did groups discussion without her because she will go to somewhere (this is to be independent study)

My group consists of three members including me. We discuss about plan for doing presentation. We agreed to collect a case individually based on our observation because we got different cases.  After that we will discuss again to combine the cases that we found.

When I observed my master teacher he didn’t teach the material because he had to explain about the answers of the questions in mid exam to prepare the students remedial the following week. However it doesn’t matter, I still observed the students activities in that class. Actually when I observed  all students in this class likes has similar characteristic, such as when the teacher explain all of students pay attention to the teacher, and when the teacher asks them for write down the explanation in their books all of students busy with their self, but they busy with different activities. ups that’s just a little my cases that I found, hheee,,

My plan is I must to remember again about the student that has unique characteristic or condition in that class when I did observation, and then I must to remember when I interview my master teacher about his class. Then I write down the cases more clearly so I can combine my cases with my friends cases.

That’s  all my reflection,,,  Keep spirit Yaaaaaaa,,,,, 🙂

Anugrah Meti Suryani