In week seven, we did not do any usual lesson since Bu Mima would leave Indonesia for some days. At this time, we were given time to discuss the mid term test.

The mid term test for MMSEL class will be a presentation of cases happened in school during teaching experience. The cases will be analyzed based on theories learnt in this half semester. So, the cases should be related to motivation topic.

My group consisted of three students, including me. One of the member and I had the same school for teaching experience, let say A, while the other one member come from school B. We all had different teacher to observe regarding to find the case.

To make it clear, we agreed to expand each chapter of presentation into details.  The first chapter is about the general information of the school and class being observed. My group decided to contribute to this chapter based on each individual’s information got from the observation.

The second chapter is the collection of cases or facts gathered from teaching experience. Since we got different or various cases, we wanted to elaborate this chapter individually first. After finishing this chapter, we will discuss again to create chapter 3. In chapter three, I think we will have an interesting discussion because we will compare analysis of each case and try to find the linkage among them.

I imagine that when we discuss on this chapter, we will have various references. The references will help us to explore and dig more about what the reason behind some cases. However, I do not think to overuse all references and did not criticize the case based on our own perspective. Sometimes, theory does not match with reality, right?

So, my group agreed to discuss this task further in the first week of mid term test due to MMSEL mid term test which will be on the second week. Before that, we will have done the first and the second chapter. So, ready for mid term test presentation?

Namirah F