In this 7th session of MMSEL, my class did independent learning. Miss.Mima could not come to the class because she had to do the other work. This time, each group was asked to discuss about group presentation for midterm examination and also paper report about full observation when we did teaching experience in two weeks ago. At that time, my group discussed about the first drafts how we would deliver our result, from the content till the design of presentation (power point).
First, we talked about the content of our presentation. We had some suggestions. The first one is, we only took one of cases that we got from observation to be presented when midterm examination. We shared each other, we chose one case that very interesting to be discussed deeper. So, in our power point slide, there would be one case that would be presented without displayed the other cases. The second one, we still displayed all cases (there would be 4 cases because the members of my group was 4), we displayed the cases shortly, it was just for introduction and giving more information that in every school had different cases. But in the next slide, we would take one case and discuss it deeper. We connected it with the theory that we have gotten. We discussed and talk about the limited time when we presented, then we chose the second one. We still displayed all cases, but only chose one case and discussed it deeper. After that, we discussed about the paper report. We made a time line so that we could be maximal to do this work. As a team, we supported each other. We gave idea, discussed it together, even till debated each other, but it was a process.

By working in group I learned many things, from negative till positive. If I talked about the negative side, maybe it could be my reflection to be more flexible and understandable when working in group. I realized that made a conclusion and same idea from some people was not easy. It took the time to discuss (even debate) then finally we got ONE idea that became our last agreement. But I could find more positive things here, when working in group. I could add my knowledge, brave to state my idea, then gave the logic reason to support it, responsible with my part, opened minded to the other thinking, helped each other, and motivated each other. Sometimes, I needed external motivation from my group to finish the task when my internal motivation was down. It was so support me to pass my problem. As the social human, I also could not live alone, I needed the others to support and help me.

When working in group, we also had to make our goal of our work so that everything we did in group was still inside the “way” (not out of the topic). If we have fixed our goal, it would make us easier to choose the good way to run to the goal and plan the time for every activity.
Actually, goal was so important. Without the goal, I thought that like we were in the bus, but we did not have the last shelter that became our target place. How poor we are. So, fixed our goal was very important.
Beside that, by the goal we could make a time line of our work. We could monitor how far we did our work and what the part that had to be increased.
That’s all my reflection of this session. Hope it would be my modal to reach the good result in the midterm examination (amen).

Good luck for all 🙂

May God bless us

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