Based on my observation, I found that my master teacher very poor in giving motivation to the students.

Firstly, she open the class by asking students’ difficulties when they did the homework. Because no one of them asking to her, she continue the lesson by lecturing. She explains about quadratic equation, how to get the solution from the equation.

She divide the whiteboard become 2 parts. Then, she explain about factorization, quadratic formula, and ‘melengkapkan kuadrat sempurna’. When she explain about completing the quadratic equation, she make the students more confused. She wrote in the whiteboard (x+p)^2=q without what p and what is q. when students ask to the teacher she only answered, “nanti ya, kita lihat contoh nanti ya.. ” but after that she only continue the lesson with the quadratic formula.

During the lesson, there are only 2 students that active in class. the rest of them just busy with their friends, chit chat, sleeping at behind the class. The teacher does not scold the students. She only continuing her lecturing..

It make the students unmotivated in learning. She should pay more attentio9n to the students, using variety methods in teaching. so that students fell good when learning. Here I will attach my master teacher pictures.

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