Ms.Mima told us to prepare for our presentation for mid term test. We worked on our Blog groups. In my group, we discussed and prepared our own problem and will be compile soon. Fredy and me got the same school but with different teacher and Eritha and Synta too. We planned our outline of our presentation.

Honestly, I did not like the independent learning because I was a free time and it makes me not having any motivation to learn. I need to be on the class with my lecturer and sharing our thought about our school experiences. We need to share our problems and difficulties in helping our students’ motivation to learn. Ms.Mima asked about it but only for a short time. We should have a HOT discussion about it ;). Then, she gave us another assignment to do for our next meeting. We have to teach our friends about the left material.

In Wednesday, I came again to the school because I missed my last class. I gave them a test and they feel really stressed. Having those stressed actually will impact in the class situation. After the test they felt like they are worrying their marks. I just feel like, “am I did wrong to give them a test?”,”did I gave a hard test for them?”. That was my first feeling about having complains from my students. It was really make me feel bad. Well that’s my reflection so far. I hope I can make my students not feeling stressed after having a test.