Bu Mima: “Today we will have independent learning ya..”

Well, that is what my lecturer said after she entered the classroom. In some parts, I felt so happy because I will have a free time. In the other hand, I felt a bit disappointed because I will lose one quality lecturing with her. She left us some assignments in group about report in teaching and research experience. It is covered a little of disappointment on myself.

The group of this independent learning is same as group for e-reflection. One of my group members was not attending the class because she was sick. Thus, we only did discussion with 3 of us. We discussed about the timeline, job description and the report presentation. For today agenda, we write our assignment individually since we were in different school and have different master teacher. The next week agenda would be analyzing the case together so we can help each other.

I felt so ordinary doing this kind of learning, nothing special for me. I wrote the fact that I found in school, describe in detail and think about the theory related to the case. That was all. I learned. I thought. It was still effective for me but it was not impressive. Sometime, I need impressive moment to recall what I have learned. Hence, perhaps Ibu Mima does not do this often. As for me, 1 of 12 meeting it is okay :).

Thank you for giving us chance to learn individually Ibu Mima. Thus, we could compare in which kind of learning we did best.

Vanny Septia Efendi