Now, I will explain my experiences in the first teaching in second week. Actually, I have to teach in the Thursday and Friday. However, because in the Friday is “Sumpah Pemuda” day, so, we have to celebrate of ceremony in our campus, Sampoerna School of Education.

In social class, based on my observation and interviewing the teacher, have a low motivation to learn mathematics. So, I have to design an activity that can increase the students’ motivation to learn mathematics, so they can get the important things (material) in the combination, because the topic is about Permutation and Combination. Actually, in the first time I design an active learning, students centered approach, in the first time, students were given problem (PBL), and group discussion, but when I observed in my friends’ class that was given PBL also, it is not effective. Students can’t understand the problem, so they can’t solve the problem. Students have to give the prior knowledge first. Then, I think it is can decrease students’ motivation in the first time to learn. About group discussion also many students not engage on discussion.

Hmmm, I think I have to change my way to teach the social class. Then, I chose lecturing in the first time to give students’ prior knowledge in material. I also recalled about Permutation, because most of students not understand well about the Permutation. I tried to gain students’ attentions maximally with my power as I can. After that, I gave problem, and students who can solve the problem in front of the class, they will get reward from me, + mark. They were very enthusiastic to solve the problem in front of the class. After that, I gave them problem individually with discussion in group.

After class, students had to write their reflection about teaching and learning with me. Then, I interviewed some students to know about their motivation to learn mathematics. They said that to motivate them are the teacher have to care what the students need, teacher have to explain clearly, also about reward (+ mark), it can make students were motivated. But, the key is teacher. How the teachers teach them and understand them.

About my reflection teaching, I got that most of them were motivated to learn mathematics, also they said that understand what I explained to them. It is good, and I am happy. Yah, although not all of students can I handled. But, over all everything ok and well done.

By : Nok Yeni Heryaningsih