This is a continuation of previous reflections about my experiences during the school experience. In a previous reflection, I told you about the classroom observations. But in this section, I will discuss about the experience of teaching in the classroom. I need to tell you first that I taught in class XI IPS, the numbers of students in this class is 34 people. After doing interview with teachers of mathematics in the classroom, I was informed that the students in this class are little difficult understanding the lesson when compared to class XI IPA. In addition, After conducting observations, I saw that the students were also less active in learning activities in class. They were just silent when the teacher explained the material and provide training. I could not conclude anything because I just did one-time observation and interviews. Unfortunately, I also did not have much time to understand the circumstances of the students in class XI IPS because I was only given 2 meetings to conduct the practice of teaching there. So, I should be able to use the time as good as possible because my job was not only teaching but also doing a CAR.
In doing CAR, I want to encourage active students (their motivation) in learning activities through STAD approach. So I have to divide the students into several groups heterogeneous. I ask their mathematics teachers to decide the groupings.
The first day, I started with introductions, and then I did a review about their knowledge of previous material relating to the topic which I will discuss. After that, I did a pre-test to determine their knowledge. After doing the pre-test, I divided them into heterogeneous groups. I was surprised when one of the students objected to his group, he was asked to move to other groups as he wanted but I did not allow it. I knew thet they felt uncomportable about grouping like this, but I have to keep doing it as planned.
With this STAD method, students were required to be active because there were some rules in their learning activities. First, they will learn and work with their group and each member must participate in our group. Second, each group have to responsible for understanding each member to the material discussed so they must give insight to their friends in the group. Third, the emphasis on outcomes assessment group, although there was a quiz that they have to do individually but the result will be incorporated into their respective groups in the end of the activities.
As informed by their mathematics teachers, they were a bit slow in understanding the material. This was a big challenge for me because I had to prepare a material that could enable them to understand the material. At the end of this first meeting, I could not give them a quiz as a post-test for them because time was not sufficient.
The second day, I did recalling at the beginning of the meeting about the material learned in previous days, and then I give them the exercise of the materials. After that, I asked them to sit with their group before I delivered the material. Like the previous day, they were very slow in understanding the material although I help them to explain the material by using illustrations.
From this second meeting, I could see that they more active in learning, although they were slow in understanding the material. If I still have time with them, I want to do other methods of learning. Unfortunately, I do not have it.
At the rest time, I conducted interviews with two of students. I asked them about learning activities during two sessions with me and their own motivation in learning. One thing that I want to underline is about their motivation because they have different motivations. The first student explained that her motivation in learning was his own (intrinsic motivation) in achieving the learning objectives. The second student replied that his motivation in learning came from himself and from others (his girlfriend) and he admitted that his motivation from the girlfriend (external motivation) was greater than the motivation of his own.

From this activity, I can realize the importance of the material that I learned in MMSEL course for me as a prospective teacher.