Okay, continue about my reflection last week.

I don’t wanna write much about this because it should not be enough in one page 😀 #kidding. One thing that I realize is there is no exact effective way to learn. The important thing is learning with your own style and makes your-self comfort in it.

My CAR is actually about “discourse”.

Like I said in the first reflection, the teacher used lecturing method, and the result was “there were just three students who did not follow the remedial”. I just wonder if there is a miscommunication between the teacher and the students, but after interviewing the three of them, they said that they like the way their teacher teaches.

I just think that it’s for the three of them. How about the rest? So I decided to use group discussion method to make all of them try to learn from their friends.

I also used a guided discovery learning to find the formula of the material today. I found that they could complete the paper well. When I asked some students randomly to explain about the material, they could explain it also.

Finally, I interviewed six students who got remedial. They said that they like to work in groups. But they need to be in group with someone who could teach them. They meant, when they were in a group with the same capability as them, they learnt nothing. But when the group was mixed, they could learn with the higher level of them. They said that sometimes when the teacher explained, they could not understand the language and when their friends explained it again with their daily language, they could understand it easily.

That’s how discourse is very important in teaching. This is one of strategies that can we use in our teaching. Of course the language when the teacher talk to the students will be different with the students talks to another student.  It showed me that –discourse- exist.

Another point,

I found that every student has his/her way to learn. There is student who likes walk away or move, there is student who likes studying independently (not in group), there is students who likes in group, and so on.

We could not just use one kind of strategy to teach because it could not gather all of students. Perhaps, in our obligation as personal or individual we have a responsibility feeling to make all of them understand the material. That’s why we need to realize that every student is beautiful in his/her way to learn 🙂 Give them a chance to show off his/her best.

Quote for today,

“Let the students learn how to learn… as a teacher, we just need to facilitate and direct them to reach the best of their capabilities 🙂


Ester Anitasari – 2009110009