I taught at SMA Paskalis, grade X. My guide teacher was Bapak Y. He was so friendly. That week, i only taught about two hours. It was pretty short chance. I tried to implement active learning, with jigsaw reading and some games that relates to learning mathematics. It was different and fun actually but it took times longer than it should be. But they accepted it as fun activities to do.

Do you know, how could I make them to be more motivated in learning? In the beginning of the lesson, I called the “Professor” from Germany and just got back to Indonesia to work and implement their knowledge. It was such story, that i embed to the learning activities. They were laughing and the learning become so fun, they pay attention to me:D

Here, i took some conclusion about extrinsic motivation. In the first time i met the students, i gave them promise for some kind of rewards. Actually, they were more motivated and involved with the learning process after I introduced them the rewards.  They did something for obtaining something else. In the other situation, I did some kind of “race” to them; they were more excited than with their real mathematics teacher. It was pretty extrinsic.

In the other hand, because my activities in those two hours was just different with their real mathematics teacher (usually lecturing). They wanted to understand the topic, but I embedded it in some fun activities, they got intrinsically motivated. They did it because they wanted to understand. It was some kind of bonus when they had to learn it with some fun activities.

I gave them challenge in the last session, to make a poster. With a clear instruction i gave to them, they promised me to do their best for making a very interesting poster. The poster was just kinds of project, they must find it by them self. When I relate to the theory the factor that relates to the intrinsic motivation, is a challenge. It was so right, when we gave them challenge, they were very enthusiast to do the poster. It was pretty fun to see them engaged in their activities.

i made them in group, so for the students who has different needs such as some students who has need for relatedness is facilitated.

In the theory I read about self determination, need for competence, some students did it in class. For some kind of issues they talk as if they knew, it was for the acceptence among their friends.

Some students has different background. Once after class, I talked to my master teacher. There was a student that never been appreciated in class in her junior high school.  So, she believed that her skill was just so so so, so she had never been had high expectation. So the theory was just right, students who believe they just not too good in something in past, in the future they would expect not too high. I mean there is a correlation between belief and expectation right?

So, i would just say that so many issues in class about motivation and anything. We as a teacher could just see the fact, observe, and maybe could get involved and tried to find solution. This motivation class pretty helps me alot in managing class and see the class from different perspectives. So what about you?

Muhammad Zaenudin