This the last week of my teaching experience in this school. I am such a nervous person, it was so hard for me to speak in front of many people. But this time, I think I am getting better since I already know almost all of my students. There are 24 students in my class. This is relative small for a class size.

The topic for this time is about “Probability“. I am still continuing my research, cooperative learning methods on students motivation to learn. This topic is quite interesting, because there are so many things in real life that can be related to the material. Again, I have prepared many activities to be tried in my class: group works, worksheets, manipulative tools, etc.  I am so thankful that my master teacher, Bu Joun gives me freedom to do whatever methods I want to try, just like what Mr. Principle, Pak Es said in the beginning. 🙂

Back again to the first time I came to the class, I asked all of the students to introduce their selves by saying their names, dreams and hobbies. I remember that The Principle said that students in this school are mostly don’t any dream. I want to check this. And that’s not a lie, the first students who introduce himself said he doesn’t have any dream. This is so sad. So, I asked them to think anything they like to be in the future and no one is prohibited to say there is no dream. I also asked them to share about their hobbies. I think their hobbies can help them to think about what they really like and what they will like to be. I believe that having dreams is important for them. They have to start thinking about their future. From this, they might also think about their goals in studying at school.

Beginning this meeting, I asked them to post about their dreams/wishes and the probability of it. I want to connect their experience to the topic. It’s very interesting to know that most of them set high probability of their dreams. 🙂

I also prepared some manipulative tools for them. Some dices and coins.

They study in groups, just like previous week. Like before, each of the member of the group have different colors. Each color represents different task: leader, secretaries, logistics, and the roles are rotated every week. I want them to be responsible to their group by having their own roles. Because, all groups have to compete one another to get scores.  I purposely set them in competition like this in order for them to have a “goal” in learning this topic, which is to “win” the game. I still use some kind of TGT activities in topic. I hope the competition will also increase their motivation to learn, besides studying in group.

I already started distributing my questionnaire about my research from last week. What I learn from their answer is that most of them like to study in group and they feel motivated by the competition. There is one student who said that he doesn’t like studying in group, he prefers studying individually. I approach this student to know more he thinks about studying in group. He prefers studying alone because he feels more comfortable with that. Studying in groups sometimes makes the class becomes noisy. And, he afraid that he would have to work with someone he doesn’t get along with. I think this might be happened. But from what I observed, mostly students in my class enjoy the activities I designed for them. That’s true, we cannot always make everyone happy. 😦

To teach by heart.. I always remember this message every time I enter my class. That gives me encouragement to always give my all for my students. Although my time being with them is too short, I feel very blessed given a chance to meet them and study with them. I learn a lot from them.

From these two weeks, I am trying to give them this message: “As we live in a society, we need to work together to reach a goal together. While life itslelf is full of competition. We need to get ourselves ready for that. And, the most difficult thing is to conquer ourselves.”

This is the greatest teaching experience I’ve ever done. I’m about to cry writing this. I already miss my class. 😦 Teaching is indeed addictive. I hope to see them again. Thank you, XI IPS-2. I LOVE YOU! I wish you all to be able to make your dreams come true.