We haven’t taught yet in the first week on SMAN 71, because in last week the students still did Mid Term exam, so we should do all four of teaching practices in the second week.
I got teaching schedule at Tuesday and Friday in class XI IPS 3 and XI IPS 4. In Tuesday I taught two classes and so do Friday. By the information that I got from interview with master teacher and from daily exam result of students, I made a plan to my Classroom Action Research (CAR). This kind of CAR was Proactive CAR, because I would apply this CAR from my first time teaching on that class.
I planed will do research about “whether the group cooperative learning system will increase student’s enthusiasm in learning Mathematics?” so, in my class I will apply grouping method in for them.
Actually, I should teach two times in each class but my master teacher asked us to use the first meeting after UTS to discuss about UTS problems (what problem that they could not solve). So, in Tuesday I discuss about their UTS.
In the first class: XI IPS 4.
When I entered the class some of them still did not in the class yet, their friend said that some of them still in canteen whereas it was not break time any more. Finally I decide to start the lesson even some of them still in out of class. I was started with introduce my self and call them one by one based on attending list (Absen). After that I told them that we would discuss about their UTS problem, first I gave them choice whether will discuss about some numbers that they could not solve or all of problems, and they choose ‘all of their problems’ because a lot of them still could not solve the problem. Firstly I discuss it one by one with lecturing method but after several times I think it’s so wasting time. Then I decide to divide them in a group and again, I gave them choice; whether they will divide the group by themselves or I who will divide them, and they chose that they will divide the group by themselves.
Actually, I realize that in this meeting I give them more freedom because it was part of my classroom observation (not CAR yet) and I plan in my second meeting in this class (my third time teaching) I will divide the group by my self and do my real CAR planning.
By my observation I could see that there were some male students who are noisy and seems like there was a gap in this class between noisy students and calm students (it is seen when they make groups) but actually this class is not really low in mathematics, they enthusiasm when I ask them to write the answer on the whiteboard, they discuss in their group and they could finish they task on time that I gave.
In the second class: XI IPS 3
This class makes me realize, “learning Math in the afternoon class is not effective” 😦
this class is opposite with the first class who are noisy, in this class students seem like more silence. So like in the first class, I discuss the problem by lecturing first. But they seem like couldn’t concentration, I don’t know what happen with them. When I ask them to read the answer on the whiteboard, some of them said, “ga mau ah kak” “ga bisa bisa kak” “males kak, capek” “ngantuk kak”, and soon. When I ask them to make a group they also say the same comments. So, in this class I only do a lecturing method when discuss their UTS problem. And I promise, in the second meeting in this class I have to more firm to them.
The third and Fourth Meeting
Unfortunately, I didn’t get my third and fourth teaching opportunity because suddenly Friday we have to back to campus and do “sumpah pemuda” flag ceremony and avoid “demo besar-besaran” issues 😦
I am a bit disappointed because this information was so “mendadak”, I have made well preparation to do my CAR in Friday but it can’t be realized well. Actually I have gotten some data from my first and second teaching but I am still not satisfied with this data because at that time I don’t apply my CAR strategy yet, I just try and observe them.
That’s all my sad reflection for the second week of my teaching experience. Thank you