Ok, this is the second week in teaching experience program. I have opportunity to learn with grade eleven program sciences. In the Monday, I have schedule to learn with them, but the school has program. It is every after mid-exam every course has “clinic program”. It is like teacher review the mid-exam problem in order to prepare students who have lower than the standard. I was shocked. How can?  I heard that information, when my friends and I join in the ceremony. It means that, I have about one hour to prepare the material before class. Besides, I didn’t know problems looks like. However, I have to try to be a professional. I asked the paper problem first to my master teacher in order to what are problems looks like. Then, the remaining time, I used to see problems and try to solve them. I went to class with full of nervous. I worry about not being able to solve problems and students insult me, but I tried to convince myself that I CAN. Oh my God, the class is very attractive; it didn’t like what I imagine. Students were cooperative and full of spirit. It makes me motivated. Then, the wonder thing is I can handle the class and make it meaningful. Hopefully.

Then, in the Thursday I have opportunity to “real teach” wonderful students. Because of I have met them before (in the clinic program), I’m not really nervous and just make small changes in my lesson plan. Which makes me surprise is the class “little different” with last Monday. Students look bored and sad. In the beginning, I asked them what happened actually. Then, which makes me shocked is they shocked because of their biology teacher was angry to them. They said that they don’t know the reason. Oh, I was sad in hear that. At that time, I thought how to make them spirit and focus to my lesson. I can’t force them to pay attention to me. However, I have to continue the lesson and deliver the material. Before start, I invited them to do something which is make relax, such as shouting or do something what they want. During that that time, I also try to motivate them as much as I can. After about seven minutes, I try to invite them to focus to the lesson and pay attention to me. Although they are not full of spirit, but I appreciate them because of they try to focus and cooperative with me. During the lesson, I thought how to make them full of spirit.

I don’t know exactly, in the middle of a lesson until finish, I saw their spirit like in the last meeting. Their spirit comes back. They were so enthusiastic to the lesson. But, the thing what I remember is I insert the motivation during the lesson, try to make them not really serious and enjoy. Oh my God, it is my satisfaction. Besides, to measure their understanding, also to measure that my lesson is not enjoying only, I gave them some problems. I go around the class during they were solving problems and saw their work. Wow, I conclude that they understand the material that I explained.

In the end of lesson, they don’t want to fill the questionnaire that I gave. They said that they want to continue the lesson with me. If they know, I also didn’t want to leave them. I try to give them understanding that they have to think realistic and I’m there not to make them dependent to me. Besides, I said that it is my mistake if they will be dependent to me. They accept the reason and start to fill my questionnaire.

I have question in my mind, whether they depend on me? Maybe my lesson over motivation or it is normal because of in the beginning they were loss of desire to learn. I will find out the answer. One of you wants to answer? ^_^

One that I got is as a candidate of teacher we must believe that we can teach and we can motivate students as long as we keep learning, more and more. Not to make students dependent, but make students independent.

See you next semester, my wonderful students, my great experience.