That was my second week of having school experience. Here, I still did teaching in SMA Regina Pacis, exactly in XI Science 2 Class. It was my third meeting with them after first week break. In that day, there was “something difference” than the two previous meetings. What’s that? Surely, it was shocking moment for me. Why? First, it’s because that moment was very unpredictable from far days before. Second, it’s because at that day, my body was not too ready for facing that kind of unpredictable one. At that day, my body was unfit because of my full schedule at the day before.

In the early morning, I appealed permission to my master teacher so that I could come late to school. Actually, I got teaching schedule at 11 AM. Then, I got permission and free to “sleep” first in the morning. Hehehee… However, the unpredictable moment was come at about 9 AM. I received Sms which told me that there was a reschedule and I got 10 AM to teach. By a very quick action, I prepared my dress-code, did it in hurry and then went to school. It’s like a fast food serving. Hehehee…

I came to the class and began my teaching. All of my planning had to be made up instantly because the time took less. I tried to be calm down when delivered my materials, made them became clear about that. I did the similar strategy, i.e. sharing motivational quotations. Obviously, it worked well and could make me be able to deal with that kind of situation. I could control it and make the learning run well.

Although at the time before, I felt unfit, with the positive words that I said, there was something unbelievable. My body then cured soon. I got more power and positive energy. Then, I spread it to all my students so that they were motivated to learn. Do you know what happen then? All steps flew nicely and easily because I could enjoy it till the end of session.

In this second week, obviously, I got two meeting only because Friday, I had to come back to my campus celebrating the Sumpah Pemuda Day. That information was also unpredictable for me. I got that kind of information at the Wednesday midnight, after all of my planning were ready to be implemented. I had deal with my students to do last testing for that chapter, after I explained the whole materials in that chapter. The questions were ready to be tested to the students. I had made a lesson plan for that final meeting. However, all of that had “to be adapted” again, alias it could not be implemented, because there was no more time to do teaching. Did you know what I said to deal with that? Yeah, I just said “Okay, no matter with that, I will improve all my planning for Friday”. Why I was not grumble? It’s because ourselves was too extraordinary to just have been grumble.

Therefore, obviously, words are very impactful for our mentality. If we say good and positive words, it will make ourselves positively. Contrary, if we say bad and negative words, it will also impact to ourselves negatively. So, take your decision today… 🙂