Last day in Paskalis, it was only an hour of meeting. So i decided to make only one activity, what was it?gallery work. In the last meeting, i ask them to make a poster. The content of the poster was some kind of mathematics projects. They must be very creative to make their poster best, and got gift from me.

What was the result, they did a very outstanding work. They made a god layout of their poster, the content was just so correct.

So many students believed that their skill of mathematics was such a fixed, “i can not do this sir, i hate math since my elementary” mostly they told me that santence. In the theory, i learned that this is entity theory in the nature of intellegence. So what did i do to motivate them?i gave them suggestion about incremental theory. I said that they could do it, if they did it seriously. The more they get involved in to it and the more they do some extra work to finish the projects, i believe they would finish and understand it well.  They just said “ok, i will try my best sir”.

There was a student who was very ambitious. I observed from the first time i handled the class. I saw that she was very brilliant, but sometimes she just very annoying with her ambitious behavior.  She always came to front of class, not did well in group discussion, individualist even she knew the answer (she usually got the right anwer), it was very annoying for some studnets, and me indeed.

Once i asked to my master teacher why it was happening?this girl used to live in a very rural area. She came to jakarta, and maybe because lived in jakarta was not hard like in her hometown so she promised to be succed in learning in jakarta, so she could not come back to her hometown. So she did everything to be succed. In her hometown, she used to be very bright student and succed in academical world. So in jakarta, she did it well like it used to be in her hometown.

Past performance pretty influence this students. She has a very good self efficacy. What is self efficacy?believe about one’s capability, that she or he is good for doing some spesific task. The theory was just so right. This students, belief that in past she was good, so she was confident in doing academical stuffs now in the classroom.

Shebelief she was good, so she expected higher than other students. So i concluded that, good self-efficacy, could make higher outcomes. Because she or he just expected high, and they just did anything to get his expectation came true.

Unfortunately, it was my last meeting to be with them. But, they impressed of Sampoerna School Students that teach very differently with their usual Mathematics or English teacher. We brought changes to them, that learning mathematics was so fun, not always calculating and boring. I am looking forward to do next teaching practice. Yeeeay 😀

Muhammad Zaenudin