I want to share about my activities this week…

I observed my master teacher in x-4, but I taught in x-3 and x-5.  Actually my schedule was teaching in x-4 and x-3, but my master teacher changed it so I taught in x-3. In that class, I explained about the answers of the questions in mid exam to prepare the students doing remedial test the following week. On the other hand, I explain the new material in x-5.  I felt sad because I only taught the material for one meeting, I asked myself, ‘how about my CAR?’ owhhh,,, I am confused about that.

This is my experience:

I observed my master teacher in x-4.

In this class, my master teacher didn’t teach the material because he had to explain about the answers of the questions in mid exam to prepare the students remedial the following week. He did the lecturing method. Actually that method is his style. When I asked him whether he uses any other method when he explains the material, he said, “I just use the lecturing method every time I teach my students”. I saw there was an LCD in every class, but he didn’t use it. I saw the students pay attention when the teacher gave explanation. It’s a good moment. After the teacher’s explanation, the students wrote down the answers in their book. There were some students discussing with their friends about the teacher’s explanation, but some others were chatting instead of discussing about the lessons. However, my master teacher ignores them. I asked to myself, ‘Does not he know about the students who are chatting with their friends or he just does not care about it? Actually I wanted to ask him directly, “did you see the students chatting with their friends without writing the materials given? I wanted to ask him about that but I was scared if that question would quip him. So I keep my question until now. Hhhee,,   am I wrong ??
How I taught in X-3…

When I taught in x-3, I use the lecturing method. I know it can make students bored, but I didn’t have any choice because I had to explain 30 right answers of the mid exam’s questions in 90 minutes. Owh it’s hard for me to control the students.  In the middle of the lesson, the students were very noisy. I knew that if the students just listened to me, they would be bored. I have experienced the similar thing too. I asked the students who could solve number 15,16, or any numbers that they could solve. This way might be faster than giving explanations one by one. Then they gave attention to me. I thought it’s because they were scared if I asked them to answer the questions in the whiteboard. It did not mean that I was a cruel person. I said that for anyone who can solve a number, he/she could write the answers on the whiteboard. I did not force them. Fortunately, I got attention again from the students.  After I asked the students, there were only three of them who could answer correctly. I tried to make all students understand by checking whether they had any questions so far. I said, “If you have not understood yet, don’t be ashamed or scared to ask me. Am I going to eat you if you do?” I did not want them feel scared of me.

Another problem was I had a weakness in using the lecturing method. I could not control my students who were sitting in the back row. I just said,”This is for remedial test and I want you to get the best score. I believe you can do it if you want to try”. I walked around the class to make sure that the students wrote down the answers on their books. Then, I explained again until the bel rang.

I know that it is not easy to be a teacher. Sometimes, my motivation is getting down if I cannot control my students. Sometimes, it is increasing if my students are interested in the lesson that I explain.

It is time to teach the material in x-5……!!!

In the beginning, I introduced myself, why and for what I stood there. I said that I would teach them in one meeting. I asked them to prepare themselves because they would have many activities that day. Actually, I did not know the students’ characters in that class, because I didn’t do observation there. Not all the activities on my lesson plan worked. In my lesson plan, I prepared for the lecturing method, followed by games activity, did the worksheet afterwards, and the last is problem solving presentation. Unfortunately, in the last 20 minutes, my students still did the worksheet in groups. So, the time was not enough to do the problem solving. That’s why I said that not all activities in my lesson plan worked.

I asked them to make groups. Each group consists of 5 members. So, there were 7 groups in class. I want all of them work in their groups. I gave them an envelope,  in each groups will got an envelope, this envelopes consist of 5 big cards with 5 questions to be solved, there were also 7 small cards as the answers .  So, each student had one card to be solved. I asked them to help their friends in groups if they didn’t get the answer. I gave them an envelope before i explained the material . I asked them not to open it before I said so. I wanted them to be curious and give attention to me when I explained the material. Yeah…. I achieved it! I got their attention then. It makes my motivation increase. Nonetheless, it makes me more nervous, but I controlled myself to focus on the material that I should deliver. After that, I asked the students to open the envelope. They did it enthusiastically. This is 5 card who consists 7 answers:

After they solved it, they could match the cards with the answers. I motivated them by saying, “ saya yakin kalian semua pasti bisa ngerjainnya, soal nya gak susah kok”. I told that for the group who had finished matching the cards, they had to say ‘bingo bingo’. If the answer was right they would get a point. It’s to make the students motivated. I ensured the students that the questions were not difficult, so the students could ensure themselves too in that the questions were not difficult. So, they could do it. I saw the students tried to solve them seriously. I saw that sometimes they discussed with their friends and sometimes they asked me to clarify their answers. Yeeaahhh…  I was happy with that condition. hhii..

I saw that many students were interested in doing the discussion, solving the problems, and matching the cards. When I prepared my lesson plan I thought seriously to make the students interested with the lesson. Finally, I chose the game that I had prepared.  It was not easy to write 40 questions in 40 cards. In spite of that, I did it because I wanted to make the students interested in the lesson.

I said that many students were interested in this game, but  there is no perfect person!! There were students who were not interested in matching card. Some of them looked hopeless. He asks me” Ka, I didn’t get the answer, I think the answer in this card is wrong”. I reply that” temennya ada yang dapet jawabannya kok, coba deh di ulang lagi, saya yakin kamu pasti bisa dapet jawabannya”,  he reply . ‘ ah males ka susah’ I continued ” coba deh liat lagi, ini kamu uda bener caranya, tapi ada yang kurang tepat ngerjainnya” I motivated him until he want to try again.  Finally he wants to try again, owh it’s hard for me to make him motivated.huff..

There is a group who finish to matching card, they said bingo bingo. I correct the answer and they answer is right. I gave them 20 points. For the group who didn’t finish I still gave them 8 points. I ask students for checking the answer to write on whiteboard. After checking the answer I gave them the worksheet, when they did the worksheet I walked around in class and came to each group. I saw that the students too long work on the worksheets, and many students ask me, so I know that they not ready if I gave them problem solving. So I didn’t gave them problem solving.

In the last lesson I want the students giving their comments, and the result is “ Menarik, Asoy, Sadoy, Asyik Ka” and the other comments ” mahasiswa kalo ngajar yang tegas supaya murid pada takut” Yeah.. I never angry with the students because I don’t want they scared of me, that’s why I never  angry with them.Hheee… The others students comments that “matematika itu susah tapi kalo belajarnya enak bakalan jadi gampang”. In the last session, don’t forget I take a picture with them, it will be a beautiful moments for me.

Based on my experience I know that to makes students interest with the lesson it’s not easy but we can do it. So I don’t be hopeless if there is a naughty student, it also part a task as a teacher to makes a naughty student to be good students, to makes mathematics to be the preferred subjects. That’s why I want to teaching again, and again to improve my skill, and to makes the students interest with my lesson.. Oowwhhh,,, I very like this week . I can’t wait to teach the next semester… 🙂