This school experience program in this semester really helped me to find my passion in teaching. Swear, I still in doubt and asking to my self am I really want to be a teacher and am I loved to teach. In this semester, students in SSE should conduct a Classroom Action Research (CAR) for Research Method 2 course. All of the students got this mandatory task from our campus but I have my own task, it is to answer the question inside my self “am I really capable in teaching, am I really love teaching and are my students appreciate my teaching method”.

Different with previous school experience program at last semesters, in this semester I got more opportunities and more times to teach in my own classroom. I taught five times for two weeks in my own classroom. These opportunities helped me to conduct my CAR because I could design my method and looked for the patterns that happen in my class. What patterns? The patterns that I want to see are the students’ appreciation toward my instruction and my teaching methodology. Were they happy? Were they enjoyed my classroom activities? And also the crucial question is for my own self, am I enjoy when I taught them?

The CAR that I conducted focused to explore “is grouping activities influencing students understanding in mathematics and interaction among students”. When I taught my students, I divided them into some heterogeneous groups or mix ability groups. I gave them some different methods in grouping like Jigsaw, Team Games Tournament and Focus Group Discussion. I was not focus on the methods, but I focused only on group.

For these two weeks, I tried to remember all my students’ names. There were 36 students so I must know 36 different names of them. I also tried to create a good atmosphere in my classroom, so I allowed them to drink and eat candies in my class, which is disallowed by their original teacher. One of the students said to me:

“Kakak, saya merasa lebih enjoy dan tidak ada beban dengan diperbolehkan minum”

I was surprised, why? Because I thought that by allowing them to drink was a usual thing, it will not means a lot for them. But no, they really appreciated it. They felt more free in my classroom. I just tried to repeat what my lecturers did in SSE.

Along my teaching session, I was tried hard to always call my students by using their own names. When I asked them to solve problems in front of the class, I tried to never call them by using this statement “Hei kamu!” but I try to called with their names. If I didn’t know the names, I ask apologize then asked them to give their names and remember the names. I thought to know the students better is also part of my job as a teacher.

By remembering the names and knowing their characteristics, I felt closer with the students and it made me more enjoy with the class situation. I didn’t know but I felt another sensation when I knew them and they knew me. I felt no pressure, relax and so difference when I taught them at the first time. This situation made me felt like a real teacher and they were my real students.
I felt really happy to teach them, although it is not easy because they were social class and difference with science class. In the end of the program, I asked them to write some reflection what they felt about me, what they like and dislike and what were they impression toward my classroom activities. Below are some reflections that my students wrote:

“Enak ngajarnya, mestinya lebih lama”
“Baik dan lucu, memberi semangat”
“Pembelajaran yang menyenangkan, memahami dan mengerti semua siswa dengan baik dan dapat lebih paham matematika”

Actually what made me so happy is not their reflections. What made me happy is because I felt that I really love teaching, I felt teaching is my passion when others appreciate it. Not patient to wait the school experience next semester! 