“Suara nya Kecil Bu”

That was the first comment of my students at eleventh grade social class 3 in 44 Senior High School Jakarta. I just being confused, how can I control and manage the whole class without having a big voice.

The first time I taught in there, I had well prepare on the lesson plan, even I had reported what I have planned to Ms. Nisa, my lecturer guide. I also considered what would be my voice was, so that I prepare discussion method to teach mathematics in order to decrease my interaction to students. However, the plan did not work well.

Here is the description:
My plan was applying Problem Based Learning. For the first fifteen minutes, I offered problem to the students about permutation and combination. I just shocked, that students did not really motivated to solve the problem. I guess, not all students pay attention to me since my voice cannot reach all students. I just do nothing, my voice is out of control. Poor me. I dissatisfied, just some students who can follow the instruction, most of them are noisy, played hand phone, eat some foods. I felt a little bit stress, but I did improving my explanation, no less confidence. 

Teaching eleventh grade social class 3 finished, then I move to eleventh grade social class 2. Based on my evaluation on the previous teaching, so I change my teaching method, I do not care about my lesson plan, what in my head was how to make students to be more motivated to learn mathematics. The more I am challenged, the more I feel motivated. That was proven anyway. I change the plan. I make a commitment to the class, what activities are allowed and not. That is effective, teacher give them the choice to do something that they are agreed before the class started. I am happy to teach them, feel addicted to teach. I do love teaching and the student. The more I shocked, was when I knew more than 50% the students test result get 100. The more challenging I got, since I observed one students who looked boring in class. But, I have no more time to observed. 

The only one problem I had that time is my voice. Still my voice. I do really confused how to get my voice louder. Anyone want to share? 😀 I want to hear my students in the future will not say that they cannot understand the material, because of the unclear voice.

I want to recite one of my students comment:
“ Ternyata matematika asik juga kalo kita ngerti”

Since that way, I do believe that problem and past experience can improve our skill to teach if we keep updating our teaching method to be more contextual. I felt addicted to teach indeed. 

Be the next generation of teachers,

Shopia Mulyani_2009110011