Last week, means last meeting too to teach them this time. Well, I actually didn’t say anything during the teaching learning process; even I didn’t say…hey this is the last meeting I teach you guys…I just continue my teaching, just as before they really enthusiast to learn with me especially in this topic.

This last meeting we learned about circle equation, the basic that is they still could catch the lesson. As I learned that constructivist learning could build their critical thinking, then I tried to implement this to my class. They should think if they want to study…hehe…I opened my lesson with greeting of course, explain goals and recalling about circle properties and definition, concept of distance between points and also Pythagoreans’ theorem.  Then I stimulate them with visualization to think how the circle equation could be like that. What make me impressed; they could get the concept why the circle equation should be like that.

In this meeting, I tried to not make group competition like the first meeting, I just make them in some groups and doing the task together with their groups. I don’t want to make them motivate only because of rewards, then in this meeting I tried to attract them with technology. Yeah, as my thought they very interest with this topic because they found some interest activity in this meeting. I give them some exercise using different way (not problem sheet). I just make it to Microsoft mischief, and actually for the first the really attract because in each group got one mouse with different character and make them play around with the unique character…well might be quite test my patience…it’s okay it’s for a while..and they respect my instruction, and I saw them very enthusiast to answer the question in the projector screen. Some groups almost done correctly answer the questions. I really appreciate them. Then, I met any problems, some students want to repeat the activity once more, then yeah I think they impressed with this, I then repeat again and wish they not only got the funny character of mouse but they also got the concept of the topic…hehe…

Then, when the time is almost over I gave them some homework, and ask them to more practice in their home. They were just agreeing me.hehe:-)

Actually, I still curious with their motivation, actually they really learn because they want to master or just because they had to? In the break time, I had small talk with some of the students, I asked them, what problems that they did in the home, why? They only answer yeah I just did homework and sometimes other problems to prepare the examination, just in the handbook. Well they are better then what I thought, they still want to do some problems because for preparation although they don’t really want to study, to master. I reflect again, yeah, it was just like me in the past. They beliefs were they just need math for prepare examination, or might be it refers to do and prepare, the remaining is they don’t really want to know. Then, my question, why they just do the problems, agree to do teachers’ instructions, while some students might don’t understand why should study this or how can I used it in my real life situation? Why I can say and thought like that? Because when I observe them, the students ok..lah..high motivated to do, but they only instruct by teacher, they really never asked or whether criticize, just take a note, do the instruction…. Well may be it’s not wrong, but, I saw that it just make me boring….hehehe….

Well, in break time, I said to them..guys, actually this morning meeting is the last period of my teaching. They said, yaa….why you didn’t say it earlier…how if you teach next week?? I said, I can’t because your headmaster said like that..and what make me so touch…they wish me to graduate sooner and teach them, teach in that school…so touching…hehe

Keep learnig:-)