It’s time to teach!!!

Nervous, it’s usual and it doesn’t matter J.

I taught Ten-Grade, actually I had to teach four class for the second class. Nevertheless, I only taught one class L. Why? There is a policy from the school that was be able a Clinical Class, means that for this week there is no new topic which is taught at class, the topic was about evaluation about mid-test problem sheet.

Fortunately,  my master teacher was caring people. We was allowed to teach at his class, but only for the second meeting, because in first meeting the students evaluate the mid-test problem sheet. However, to evaluate the mid-test problem sheet, he ask me to lead his class, and I don’t have any preparation for it. It wasn’t be matter, because I guess, I still could handle it.

First meeting

For two class, that were X-1 and X-1.

For X-1. My class and I discussed the mid-test problem sheet together, I deigned the class as students individual-active learning. It means that for students who are right their answer and they willing to share, I asked them to share and explain their the way/ steps to answer of the problem in front of class. Sometimes, I tried to help them in explaining of their answer and explained the problem which is there were some students who had different answer.

For X-2. I arranged 5 group which are consists of 7 till 8 students for each group. Each group should be presented an answer in front of class including the step clearly (each group had different problem that should be presented).

No preparation and no lesson plan for first meeting. Everything were spontaneous and impromptu.

Second meeting,

I’m shocked, when I received a short message from the leader of School Experience which is informed that SE will be finished tomorrow (Thursday). It means that I will teach only once meeting, for my Classroom Action Research (CAR) L. And I can’t do anything, I have to follow this mandatory from the campus’s policy.

What a wonderful class!!! I was very happy and glad to the students. They respected to me, pay attention, and follow the learning process till the class finished.

The topic that  I have taught was System Linear Equation three Variables. My way teaching: in the first learning, I give them a problem and asked to some of the student to solve it. And there is a student who can solve the problem, even doesn’t perfect. Is it great, right?

The class and I tried to analyze their friend’s working. After that I give more example for them that is more complicated.

As assessment tool, I give all students student’s worksheet and each students will receive different problem each other. Firstly, they have to do that worksheet individually by time that has given. And after that they have to discuss with other friends which is have different answer.

As my teacher said that the student’s have different competency in doing mathematical problem. Then, I handle this problem by utilize Differentiated Instruction. If some of the students doesn’t finish yet their working, they can continue it, but for students who have finished their worksheet will receive a problem (s). And they enjoyed. Moreover, they are very interesting when I give them a chance to solve more complicated problem.

First teaching and last meeting 😦 , so I will really miss them.


In the middle of learning process, I give them a motivation movie and I give them more explanation about the meaning/ purpose of the movie, also give them a pearl word J.  They are very excited J, and  till they want to copy that file (include PPT). J