Second week, I have  a chance to apply the teaching theories that I have learned and practice my teaching style in real class. I taught in science class grade eleven in two times. The class consists of 39 students.

On this semester, so many experiences that I got from teaching in real and big class. So many agendas that I have to do; be teacher-researcher, be the best teacher for making master teacher proud of my work, do another assignment beside being teacher-researcher in one time, prepare problem-solving and another problem for individual task, group task and post-test, evaluate my students’ work by giving grade also rewards for them, etc.

Honestly, I waited this time since the first day on the first week teaching experience, because on the first week I could not teach.

Two times I did teaching and two times I was so nerveous at the beginning and when I entered the class. I was so worried that students would not understand what I explained and would not enjoy with my teaching style.

However, step by step, I tried to solve my problem “nerveous at the beginning” by being calm down and feeling enjoy to teach them. Finally, from that effort, I got the flow and felt comfort to teach in the big class.

First meeting, I taught about double angle in trigonometry. As the opening, I tried to introduction myself and knew each students by calling them from name list that my master teacher and I arranged. By mentioning students name, it meant that I also divided class into eight groups. My purpose to do that, to make my time more efficient because I did not just use the time for knowing each of their name, but also I also have already divided them into group and sit with the group.

First activities, recalled my students’ prior knowledge, because this meeting still related to the previous subtopic. The activities are; I gave them educative games (as we call “mix n’ match games”) between reactan and product in trigonometry. Look at the picture below:

As ice breaking also to make them feeling enjoy in my class


Each of member of group involved and contributed to make their work. Each of group wanted to be the fastest group that finished and correct answer. Each of groups showed their competence, they compete each other to be the best group. All of students were enthusiastic to do this activity. That case made me reflect and I remember the theories about “learning goals”. The theories are proven. Each of student has learning goals.

To finish that activities, I motivated them by asking each group to go forward and evalute another group to correct the work, and I gave rewards by saying “good job!, keep on spirit for the next activities!”. Lesson learned that I got from those case, Motivation is important to make teaching and learning process running well.

Proceed to the core activities, I distributed a worksheet that contained of the materials that class would learn to each group and to do in group. Then, after the worksheet done,  I taught them by using lecturing method for explaining the concept of double angle in trigonometry. This school has a culture to deliver the materials by lecturing method, and after explain the concept, teacher usually gives the various example from the low level until high level. Concequently, I had to teach them about the concept by teacher centered learning strategy, but I also tried to combine with students centered learning by asking them to solve the example and explained it into the class. By doing that, students also involved and thought aloud to find the solution by theirselves. Combining method is not easy, we have to know the style and condition the school and the class during teaching and learning, because if we don’t do that, maybe our plan does not work well. At the end, I gave them group task, and they have to present it. Unfortunately, the time was not enough, then I asked them to finish it in the outside and present it next meeting. On next meeting, I am proud of them, because their work is nice and were able to solve the problem that I gave. Here one of their work:

In short, by practicing, we will know what the real problem of teaching and learning actually and we will realize that theories of teaching and theories of motivation will apply implictly to make our teaching and learning process that we have designed running well and effectively. Keep learning! 🙂