why? here they are..

Right 30 minutes before I started my first class, I met my master teacher in her office then she talk to me that I went first to the class then she will came to the class several minutes later. Why she said that? Because she knew class’ condition, the class never listen to what teacher said and refer to my past experience when I and my master teacher came there no students go back to their seats. My master teacher adds I might have some strategies to get their attention and I might have private time to do that. Well, maybe she notices how nervous I was.

Then when the bell rang, I start stepping my foot to their class without my master teacher. The same condition happen to me, all students still chit-chat out class and busy with their hand phone. Well OK, be calm and let see how long they will be act like that. That was my strategy. And I have been waiting them for ten minutes. I did not know whether they knew I was there or they did not care to their teacher. But several minutes later they start to go back to their seats. And I said “OK, now is time to learn! You may chit-chat to your friends only about this lesson no chit-chat about others thing and bla bla bla …”

As I expected my students were participate actively to answer all questions that I gave in front of the class. They all are eager to show off. Since they are talkative I conduct what our lecture did let others answer and explain what one of students said. I hope it cover their need to speak and also cover their needs to study through discussion with their friend (I found this when I observe the class before). But I think it was not enough for them because not long after that as always the class started noisy, they cannot focus to the lesson. One of my students there asked me to louder my voice because she cannot hear my voice. How could I louder my voice while they keep talking each other and did not paid attention to me (and the other reason is my natural voice is not that louder actually, I cannot make my voice louder, hehe J). Well I think its time to group discussion and giving mark strategy. So I start to make my voice louder and said “Class..” and they start paying attention to me (hooorrayyy J although after that I lose my voice, huhuhu L). Then I said “OK, now we will divide class into several groups and let see whose group will gain better point”. This strategy was very useful, they all listen to me and do all instruction that i gave. According to my observation my students were mark oriented, because when I say “point” they start say “ weh, hurry its include in score”.

But some of them are students who have mastery goals, they keep asking question about the lesson and approaching me to re-teach because they stuck on counting. This made my spirit come again. This is the most kinesthetic class that I ever taught to. They made me become a kinesthetic teacher so that I and my students can learn together. Well this is challenging and I enjoy it (because beside their attitude they have a nice personality actually).

By the end of last day, I just know that the class that I taught is a sport class (kelas olahraga/yang memiliki minat dan keahlian di bidang olahraga). That is why they are very kinestheticJ.

I think that is all from me.

Thank you J

Richa Fatimah