This week are really unpredictable!!

Started in Monday, I am teaching for my CAR. I am going to know how the mixed-ability group can help the lower math students in learning math. There are three students which low ability in math. I am focus on their improvement of their achievement. In class, I explained the material in front of the class using English and they enjoyed it! I told them to discuss in their groups if they didn’t understand what I am talking. I gave them individual quiz to know how far they learned about this material. Then in the last session I gave them group quiz. They were really enthusiast to win the quiz. The class becomes noisy and crowded but I knew they learn. I observed the three students, which are low in maths, they were active in their groups and they were curious.

Suddenly, after the class finish, my master teacher told me to read an article in the “Recis Mading”. The article was about me J. They gave me comments and critics. You can see below J .

Recis Mading Today

Having their comments about me make me want to know further about their class. So I started to interview the three students and dig up what happened to them so far. They were told me about their motivation. They said that they were really boring to learn math in class because the class going always the same. They need new atmosphere of learning math. Therefore I made some revision in my class and here what I gave so far;

First, they enjoyed about the group discussion I give because they can share their things in the groups and ask their friend opinion about what they did not understand. Second, the quiz that I gave to them, make them thinking more because the problem I gave was a bit difficult and make them challenged. Third, the reward that I will give to them in the last meeting, boost ups their motivation to learn in my class ;).

Actually, I’ll have a class in November 2nd with them again to get the individual exam to know how far they have learned with me.

Many things I got in this Teaching Experience. I learned about how to make a good communication with my students, I learned how to understand they condition and I learned how to facilitate them to learn math in class. They were awesome and talkative.

The sad thing is when they asked me to teach them,

Miss, ngajar disini aja gantiin ibu X, boseenn miss ngeliat dia, di kelas jadi diem banget, ayooo dong miss cantik

I replied,

Miss mau banget tapi kan masih kuliah, jadiin pengalaman buat kamu aja ya bagaimana belajar di kelas matematika, ga perlu se serius dan se diam itu kok, dengan fun learning masih bisa nyantol kan konsepnya 😉

And last, one of my student said, I smurf you miss hahahahaha. They were really awesome and I can’t wait for the next teaching experience :).