This is my last week for teaching at SMA Tarsisius II. Actually, I really enjoy my teaching there. They smart actually, they want learn, but the teacher doesn’t give their needs for learning. for example,she did not give the various of method to teach them. From my observation, if I was that students maybe I will do the same thing, sleep in class, or chit chat with my friends. When, I asked them to make a reflection about my teaching, they said that they were  happy with the learning.  And when the last day, they ask me to teach them at that school for the next. Some of them said, ‘Ms, ga usah kuliah ja. ngajar disini aja. Udah enak juga.. Ayo dong miss.”

some of them also ask me about my schedule, and they said that they will request to master teacher so that I will teach them. I really sad to leave them.

From my interview with one of those students, he said that, “I become more motivated in your class than in Ms.(my master teacher) class”. Even, the naughtiest students said like that. Some of them also realize that they are “X-C” students. They know why they come to that class. They labeled their selves as stupid students, noisy. They look unconfidence with their ability although they can do the things. Labeled make them unmotivated. So, when the last day, I tell them that they smart, they can if they try. I also tell them that they have to believe on their ability. And they said, “Ibu baik banget c… Jangan ngomong gitu napa bu,. Jadi terharu nih.. ”

I realize that students will realize about that system of grouping. It will make them down, fell uncomfortable, and unmotivated. The other things, we as teacher also need to notice about the students feeling about our teaching, about their needs. That’s very important to make them motivated and to involve them in learning.

Eritha Aprimida